Samsung is developing a camera camera for a smartphone with a resolution of 600 MP

According to GSMArena with reference to an insider, Samsung is currently developing a main camera module for a smartphone, the resolution of which should be 600 MP. The insider also posted a slide from an internal document or presentation where you can see preliminary inside information about this module. In fact, the slide shows a lot of information, which at such an early stage of development reveals a lot of interesting things. For example, it says that the module should make video recording in 4K and 8K resolutions more common, and Samsung is going to solve this problem by creating a larger sensor that will allow you to use zoom in video without much loss in terms of image quality.

Unfortunately, we will not see ISOCELL 600 MP in the near future, as Samsung still clearly has something to work on. For example, it is enough to consider the problem of the protruding camera module at such a resolution, because it will protrude above the body by about 22 millimeters, which is almost three times the thickness of the average smartphone. In addition, the sensor should occupy about 12 percent of the rear panel, with a pixel size of 0.8 micrometers.