Satellite Internet from SpaceX will work by the end of this year

SpaceX is currently developing the Starship spacecraft, which allows about 400 Starlink satellites to be launched into orbit in one launch.

SpaceX is one step away from launching the next-generation Starlink satellite network project, in which Ilona Maska intends to provide broadband network access to the entire world. And now there is another evidence of the approach of this important event for the space industry – SpaceX has added the Starlink application to the catalog of the Apple App Store.

“On October 24, SpaceX launched another batch of 60 Starlink Internet satellites as part of the anniversary (100th) mission since the first successful launch of Falcon 1 in 2008. It was the mission of Starlink 14 v1.0 to mark the start of wider testing of the Starlink network. “, – it is told in the message.

It is noted that the launch of the official Starlink client application for iOS is a clear indication of the rapid launch of the public beta test. The application is designed to easily and conveniently set up a connection to the Starlink network, test speed and troubleshoot connection problems. The Starlink app is not yet available in the Google Play Store catalog.

By the end of this year, the company plans to officially launch Starlink in the US and Canada, and in 2021 will begin its deployment around the world.