Scientists have created antivirus jeans: how will it work?

Employees of the Swiss company HeiQ have invented a technology that destroys virus particles on tissues. It’s reported by Dazed.

The novelty has already passed successful tests on denim fabrics. Developers are preparing an “anti-virus collection” in full swing.

The creators of Viroblock technology began working on it in 2013. However, the coronavirus pandemic has forced them to accelerate the process.

Initially, the special coating that destroys viruses wanted to be applied to protective masks. However, he later rejected the idea. The company decided to collaborate with designers and release an anti-virus collection of denim things.

Help: Viroblock is a thin film that covers the jeans. The creators claim that the treated surface “grabs” viruses and destroys them within 30 minutes. These jeans can be washed up to 30 times in a delicate mode. Subsequently, the fabric loses its effectiveness.

As previously reported NEWSONE earlier, experts from the University Hospital of Halle in Germany conceived to conduct a “coronavirus experiment. They will gather in one room several thousand people to understand the mechanism of distribution of COVID-19.