Scientists have developed a “perpetual” nuclear battery

The American company NBD announced successful laboratory tests of two prototype batteries produced by betavoltaic technology. According to scientists who developed these batteries, they work almost forever on the principle of converting radioactive beta radiation into electricity. It is noted that the development of NDB has no equal and will “forever” provide energy to anything from gadgets to drones.

The “atomic” battery has a radioactive core, a so-called isotope source, which is covered with a synthetic diamond. Isotopes interact with it in the process of elastic scattering, which converts the energy of beta radiation into electric current.

Because the radioactive substance has been emitted for thousands of years, the life of such a battery will exceed all possible life of the equipment they will power. It is noted that for humans and the environment, such a power source is quite safe. As previously reported by ITsider, lithium-ion batteries have a competitor: a new energy-efficient battery.