Self-Discipline: 10 Ways to Develop Willpower

One of the most serious obstacles on the way to the goal is banal human laziness. From time to time each of us faces it. Such an effective weapon as self-discipline helps to fight laziness. Let us tell you a few secrets on how to develop it.

As the discipline develops, there are many advantages. First of all, it is the ability to achieve a goal in spite of everything. Will power helps to control your emotions, thoughts and behavior in such a way as not to distract from the task at hand and bring it to the end. Also to fully concentrate on important problems, which helps to solve them quickly.

A disciplined person will work hard, even if at first they do not notice visible results. Where others will give up, he or she will continue to implement the plan and eventually achieve the goal. Another plus of developed willpower is the ability to manage your time. Thanks to this power, a person can do much more. Life becomes more orderly and measured, and there are much less stressful situations. All this, of course, brings extremely positive emotions and excellent results in any endeavors.

So, how to achieve this?

  1. Motivate yourself

The fight against laziness is worth starting with a powerful charge of motivation. Think, why do you need to become more disciplined? Will power is not an end in itself, but a way to achieve a concrete result. Make a clear plan – what you want to achieve. And be sure to come up with a decent reward for its implementation. The main rule – you will get it only if you bring each stage to the end. The goal can be absolutely any, but significant just for you. To enhance the effect, make a mudboard. Collect images and quotations in a handy application or in a notebook; save a playlist with videos that will inspire you, remind you why this goal is important. And revise each time you need a charge of inspiration.

  1. Set realistic goals

This should be a specific task that you can perform right now. Do not move on to global tasks until discipline becomes a habit. If you start with something difficult to accomplish, there is a chance that you will not see it through and will be disappointed in it. It’s better to take small steps every day than one huge leap, which will take all your strength.

This can be compared to muscle building. To become stronger, you need to train regularly, and then give yourself time to recover. Thanks to loads, muscles become stronger. So is the willpower. And then it’s up to the little ones – just start. Make a small effort at every suitable opportunity. When you achieve one goal, choose the next one, it’s more difficult.

  1. Understand what you want

To set an actual goal, you need to understand yourself and know your desires. Do not be guided by your family, friends and colleagues. What is important for others, you may not need or be interested at all. Learn about yourself and choose the directions that are important and useful for you.

  1. Do not get distracted

Different distractions can greatly hinder not only the movement towards a chosen goal, but also to perform any domestic tasks, work, study. Take it as a rule to keep them to a minimum. Turn off notifications from social networks, stop or delete applications; turn off the Internet or even gadgets completely when you need to concentrate. You can create a separate account where only programs will be available for work. Another option is to come up with passwords that you can’t remember. Write it down on the flyer and hide it for a while or give it to your family.

Always set a strict deadline for the working day. Be sure to warn everyone when you can not be distracted in any way. All this time you only answer urgent calls. And all other incoming calls, news, communication with others and entertainment – after work. If you get a clear schedule and nothing distracts you from it, you will have no choice but to work. You will start to cope with all tasks much faster.

  1. Do not think – do

You don’t need to think over the task for a long time, giving yourself time to think up an excuse and put off its solution in a long box. Just start to do what you can now. If you’ve already done everything you can, postpone this question for a certain period of time, and in the meantime, proceed to the next one. You’ll notice: this is how things go much faster than when you spend all day thinking about one problem.

  1. Control your mood

We understand that sometimes you just are not in the mood to get up and start doing something. Emotions often get in the way if you can’t control them. To start a task with a bad mood is not a good idea. After all, everything will fall out of hand, and you still will not finish the job. But you shouldn’t wait until the mood appears on its own. Learn to change it yourself, with the help of simple daily rituals that will help you tune in to work. Surely there are things that charge you with positive, new forces, make you more collected and focused. For these purposes, such as training, jogging, contrast showers are good. But in general, it can be anything. Find such rituals and resort to them before every working day.

  1. Organize the right mode

Most of the things we do on the machine. So not only before work, but also throughout the day you will need useful habits. We get used to the harmful things quickly and no longer notice how in the evening we sit at the show or instead of a full meal we eat fast food. But this is a real change. Depending on your main goal and order, choose those habits that should be introduced on a permanent basis. Something that will discipline you, improve your health, help you develop yourself. Learn to go to bed an hour early, start the day with the right breakfast, do exercises, spend time reading or online education. Let you have a few such rituals in the morning, at lunch and in the evening. Do them daily at a strictly defined time.

In a few weeks, you will get used to the new regime, and no longer have to make any effort to adhere to it. And when your day is well organized, you yourself become more collected. It will be easier to finish any, even complex cases. But do not take on everything at once, again, so as not to “burn out” too quickly. Change your life gradually. For example, start with nutrition, then go to sleep, and so on.

  1. Be objective with your desires

To be disciplined is not to ignore all “wants” and needs. You are not a robot and you need to rest. Periodically, you need to give yourself some relaxation to just relax, to relieve stress. And going beyond the plan may even lead to better results. But here it is important to critically assess all the risks. Soberly weigh the damage your productivity can cause by a fleeting whim. How many hours of work you will lose sowing for watching the show, how many calories you will have to burn after a fast food snack and the like.

Most likely, weighing the pros and cons, you’ll come to the conclusion that the “wanted” is not worth taking a step back to the cherished goal. Well, if the consequences are not so terrible, or you are ready to sweat twice, sometimes you can treat yourself.

  1. Get ready for disruptions

Even if you follow a clear schedule and periodic indulgences, breakdowns are not excluded. Especially at first, until the new rules become a habit. Laziness is quite a strong opponent. To defeat it, you must really want to do it and stay firm and unshakeable. In this case, do not rape yourself and do not punish for the slightest mistake. If your goal will be associated only with a negative, you will quickly give it up. Try to “negotiate” with yourself. Instead of forbidding it, offer yourself useful alternatives. Constantly remember why you are doing it (a mudboard from the first point will be useful). And, of course, praise yourself even for small victories and reward your efforts. Good motivation and a positive attitude will help to prevent failure. And do not fold your hands, if it does happen.

  1. Bonus method “from the opposite”

If after all the above steps you have not become more disciplined and still feel that you have to literally overpower yourself for the sake of any little thing – no problem. There is one secret method that will surely work. Just let everything go on its own. Let yourself do whatever you want, and not do what you don’t want. Lie down whenever you want, eat any harmful things, play all your free time or watch movies. You will see, in a week or two of this life you will feel out of place. A person tends to strive for development – otherwise you wouldn’t read this article. That’s why you will be sorry to lose the result obtained, you will become bored or even ashamed of your aimless days. And you will want to return at least a couple of those useful habits that previously seemed like torture.

To train the willpower is not so difficult, it would be a desire. And, most importantly, do not forget – this is just a means, not a final goal. Approach everything without fanaticism and do not drive yourself into rigid limits. All stages should bring moral satisfaction. And if not, most likely, you have chosen the wrong direction, and you should reconsider your goals.