Self-motivation: 8 powerful tools to get things done

Admit it, have you already made a list of goals for the year? The presence of global serious plans is already motivating in itself. But if you need an additional portion of motivation, we offer 8 simple tools.

With the help of these tips, you will definitely get together with your forces and achieve everything planned!

Determine Value 1

To start doing something, you need to understand why. Write the answer next to each goal: why do I need to do it? What is the value of the plan? If there are several reasons, even better. Then write the price of the achievement of the task to understand what the value is.

For example, you want to learn English. Price – a minimum of an hour per day to study. At first it seems high, but depends on the value. An example of a bad value: “Everybody teaches it, I also have to”. Good reasons: “Get a new job”, “Travel”, even “Watch your favorite TV series in the original”. If the goal is really yours, not imposed, the value will always exceed the effort. To find a worthy reason to move towards the goal does not work? Think about whether you need it.

  1. Visualize

Imagine that you have achieved your goal, visualize the situation in every detail, feel the emotions. If you do not feel much enthusiasm, the goal is not yours. If you choose the right goal, you will immediately feel the spectrum of positive emotions that will charge the motivation to achieve it.

  1. Calling “appetite”

Appetite comes with meals – it’s not just about lunch, with motivation as well. If global challenges are daunting, divide them into many small steps and focus on each.

Going to your goal in stages, you will not notice how you get involved.

  1. We find the whip and the gingerbread

Come up with a material motivation: a gift for completing the stage and a penalty for a pass. For example, you need a whole week to complete one task. You did it – let yourself buy a long desired little thing. After a month or a year – buy a bigger one.

But if you miss a stage, you will not just refuse to buy, but will have to do something unpleasant.

  1. We are looking for like-minded people

The surroundings should motivate you. If there is no support in the circle of your loved ones, do not lose confidence. Try to minimize the discussion of your goals with these people and look for like-minded people. Those who burn with the same ideas, have achieved something in this area.

Suitable for both live and virtual communication: chatting, listening to podcasts, watching videos, reading books.

  1. Changing “must” to “want”

Often the essence of the action changes from the wording. When you are sure that you have to perform a task, it feels as if you are simply acting on someone else’s pointer. If you firmly know that you work according to your desire, it becomes easier to perform the task.

Write down in a column all the actions that are difficult to give, first in the phrase “must” – “I must work. On the contrary, write with the word “I want” – “I want to work”. And every time the motivation to perform a task will disappear, remind yourself that everything you do is done according to your desire.

  1. Let’s create a mystery

Play in secrecy and do not tell anyone about the plans. Let it motivate you to think that when you show everyone a ready result, you will get a lot of surprised rave reviews.

  1. Become “good”

The tool is designed for a week: if you have completed everything planned during the day, you get a big “M” beech, completed tomorrow – the letter “O”, and so on until you gather the word “well done”.