Self-stirring pan

When cooking dinner with a pot, you must stir the contents of the pot constantly. What happens if your favorite TV show suddenly starts or you just want to have a relaxed chat with your girlfriend on the phone? In general, there is absolutely no time to stand by the stove! Hammacher Schlemmer has found the perfect way out. The company’s designers have created and put into production a unique pot that can mix products itself.

At the bottom of the Hammacher Schlemmer electric saucepan is a rotating blade that prevents food from sticking and sticking. The stirring mode is adjustable. You can also adjust the cooking temperature in the appliance from 90 to 190 degrees. You can not only cook, but also fry food in the pot.

The main material for the production of the self-stirring pan is classic aluminium. The appliance is not afraid of rough cleaning, it can be washed in the dishwasher. The cost of the pot is about 100 dollars. There is no doubt that Russian mistresses will appreciate this useful novelty!