Settings that drain your smartphone the most

Some settings seriously reduce its running time

It often happens that your smartphone runs out of power at the most inopportune moment. This happens because unnecessary settings can be activated, which significantly shortens its operating time. Stanislav Kosarev, director of the Institute of Information Technology at Synergy University, told us what tricks to be aware of in this case.

So, the expert listed the settings that dramatically reduce the operating hours of the smartphone. First on the list are the geolocation, contactless payment and Bluetooth functions. It is advisable to turn them on only when you need them, he said. The expert added that in the absence of a Wi-Fi network connection the device will be constantly searching for an available Internet point, which will quickly drain the battery.

That’s why you should only turn on Wi-Fi when you need it, too, and not waste battery power. Plus, Stanislav advised to turn off the automatic setting of the screen brightness and app notifications. It is also worth noting that automatic downloading can drain the battery in a short period of time, and you will have to charge the smartphone more and more often. If it is performed in the background, the gadget slows down and begins to consume the battery quickly. As reported by the edition “Comments”, why you should not leave the charger in the socket. There are many people who do this: they leave the charger in the outlet, even when the phone is not charging. Stanislav Kosarev, director of the Institute of IT Institute of Synergy University, shared why it is better to get rid of this habit.