Sex and food: instead or together?

It’s about the eternal debate with myself: Should I spend tonight on chocolate cake or looking for love? Sex instead of food or food instead of sex? Which instinct speaks louder in me today: the self-preservation of my solitary pleasure with a reluctance to waste energy and time on love, or still this search for sexual entertainment? Why is the question put so categorically: one pleasure over the other? Sex and food are equally recognized by the brain as pleasures. Both after eating and after orgasm, the joy hormone serotonin, produced by the stomach, is released into the body. It relieves stress and promotes sleep. My love affair with food began so long ago that I don’t even remember its beginning. But it was definitely 16 years before my Romanov, Nikita, and Ivanov. My mother tells me that one day I did not want to eat the cereal porridge and simply knocked the plate over on the floor. But I never turned down tobacco chicken. I’ve hated milk, honey, mushrooms, and pumpkin since I was a kid. But crazy about extremely spicy, fried and unhealthy things. The best night out in my mind is fried meat in tomato sauce, or fish in sour cream and mayonnaise, or pizza. And a reality show as an appetizer. And for dessert, a tasty book with an interesting fruit salad or a computer. Delicious food is a cure for stress: it calms you down and puts you in an optimistic mood.

But another, no less optimistic option is sex. Much has been said that sex is a great way to get thin and healthy (including psychological). And food is no match for sex. Experts say that in the name of records in the field of love, the number of calories consumed should be reduced. Doctors have even developed special sex diets. We are urged to give up fatty and sugary desserts, pickled and canned foods, fried or grilled meat and poultry. Pork, beef, and lamb may be eaten no more than three times a week.

You will also have to limit your intake of eggs and hard cheeses, and give up mayonnaise altogether. Finally, you need to limit sugar and salt in your diet. Fish and chicken should be preferred. In general, it is better to eat steamed or oven-cooked food. You can use olive oil and lemon juice as sauces. Instead of floury desserts it is suggested to eat fresh fruit and drink freshly squeezed juices with pulp. Thus, one will have to give up all the most delicious things. From a social point of view, an evening spent over a hearty and tasty dinner, but alone with yourself, your loved one, passed in vain. And the more such evenings, the more fat deposits in the most inappropriate places (the law of life). And the less likely to arrange their personal life. But we all know that love comes and goes, and we always want to eat. However, when there is love present, food loses its charm. If I have a date for tonight or tomorrow, I have to get myself all cleaned up. I have to be ready for sex. Minimal food, or you can do without it at all. And there is absolutely no time, especially when you have to shower, shampoo, shave, pick up cologne, underwear and clothes.

Standard preparations for the night of love. One can’t help but wonder, lying naked and in a sweat, looking at the “wings” on the back of his beloved, but was it worth it? Before the night of love, my beloved may want to feed me. And I can’t get a bite out of my beloved’s hands. I’m afraid my stomach will bloat. And then, when I have to undress, what am I supposed to do? And how am I supposed to kiss after this wonderful garlic chicken filet? I tried so hard to turn myself into the guy from your erotic dream. Well, where’s the food and where’s the dream guy? In my mind, they’re on opposite sides of the barricades. It seems to be a split personality. One self is in crumpled pajamas surrounded by food, the other self is in sexy jeans surrounded by groupies. So, the evening of a hard day arrives, and I physically need to get my pleasure. My brain knows only two options that are guaranteed to bring it: food or sex. They are equal and, in my case, interchangeable. But maybe they should be complementary? I’m reminded of a scene from the movie “I Love You.” The heroine Lubov Tolkalina, a bulimic, makes love on a bed strewn with: apples. At the moment of orgasm, she gnaws into a huge, juicy green apple: This seems to be the compromise between love for food and love for sex. “A little food – love – a little food,” my friend tells me the solution to the problem and the plan for the evening. Yes, probably even as nervous as I am will gracefully manage a mojito, seafood salad and vanilla ice cream in the company of my lover. Mojitos are refreshing and fun, seafood helps improve potency, and vanilla ice cream enhances the sensation of orgasm. The truth is in the young dry wine, which excites and tones. And the truth is that we should strive for harmony, combining the pleasant with the pleasant (because the benefits are doubled!), and not to deny ourselves any of the pleasures in any case. Two of the most necessary, sure and favorite pleasures on our planet.