Sex robots may cause psychological damage

Sex work based on artificial intelligence can pose a serious psychological threat to people and society as a whole. This is convinced by Dr. Christine Hendry of Duke University (USA).

According to BBC News, Hendry talked about this issue while speaking at the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

What is the danger?

According to her, such robots can be programmed for dangerous things, such as rape and violent resistance.

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“Some jobs look like children! One of their developers in Japan is a pedophile. He claims that this device is a preventative tool that helps to never harm a child again,” Christine Hendry said.

In addition, Kathleen Richardson, professor of ethics and culture at Robot University at De Montfort, also expresses concern and even bans on selling sex robots. He explains that the robot cannot replace a real partner.

Sex work with artificial intelligence is dangerous

This industry is now actively developing

“Relationships with a real partner are based on closeness, love and reciprocity. These are things that cannot be reproduced on machines.

Do we want a future where there will be a normal view of women as sexual objects? If someone has a relationship problem, you need to address them with a real partner, not believing that it will be completely replaced by a robot, “Kathleen explained.