Sex with a drunk woman. Male opinion

The idea of having sex with a drunk woman evokes very contradictory feelings in every man. On the one hand, there is a twinkle in his eye that speaks of an obvious interest in such an idea. On the other hand it is a thought about all the problems that can be associated with such an erotic experience. So what do men think about sex with a drunk woman?

First of all, about the disadvantages. Take, for example, caffeine, which is very uncomfortable to smell if you yourself are not too drunk. And if you are so drunk that you can’t smell your partner’s caffeine – then sex in the next few hours is unlikely. For purely physiological reasons.

Inevitably, inadequate behavior is added to the inebriation. No, looseness – it’s certainly good. But excessive cheerfulness and loud boisterous behavior does not always contribute to intimacy.

Besides, any woman is actually a bitch. Just some upbringing does not allow to show the fullness of character. And when alcohol levels the pressure of society, not only interesting sexual fantasies can be manifested, but also very unpleasant to any man notes in behavior. Of these, most often when drunk, there is a desire to pit the surrounding males against each other and to watch an aggressive showdown.

But let’s assume that the man managed to get his drunken girlfriend out of the collective without much trouble. But here, too, all is not as good as we would like. She has impaired coordination of movements. Although the woman and agrees to the embodiment of almost any fantasy, but many of them are purely technically unrealizable in her condition. In the end, she may simply pass out at the most interesting place.

Add to this physiology with all the possible unpleasant manifestations of alcohol intoxication. And also the legal aspect – in fact it is unlikely that it will shoot into her head. Say, for example, “drugged and took advantage of” – and then prove that you’re not a fool.

In general, the disadvantages of this kind of sex is full. So what attracts men to drunken women?

Option one: the last chance of a fanatic in love

Well this is the most obvious reason. If “the one” does not give, regardless of any courtship, gifts and demonstrations of feelings – then there is only one way out: to catch her drunk.

This is unlikely to ever lead to anything good. If only because any adequate man would not have brought the situation to such a critical point. He would have just switched to more available prey, and that’s it. But here we’re just talking about some kind of mania. And our hypothetical undermaniac has suffered, and will continue to suffer. Earlier – from unrequited love, now – from scruples of conscience.

Option two: Last chance for the lecherous nerd

But it’s not just the nerd who has relationship problems. Some average nerd may very well try his luck with different women, but never get what he wants. And the only real way out he has only two: either become a fucking rich nerd, or – to seek meetings with hot drunken girls! So why pay more?

Option three: dilute the routine

But even quite successful, at first glance, a man may want drunken sex. For example, to dilute the monotonous routine of relations with his wife. After all, if she will drink half a bottle of wine, she may certainly agree to a very interesting experiments. And, no matter what the man did to her – the offense will still be much less than if he had found satisfaction on the side.

Option four: idle interest

And why not? After all, in life you have to try everything. Well, okay, all sorts of apparently self-destructive experiments can be done. But sex with a drunk woman – it’s so interesting, and absolutely safe. Such an opportunity should not be missed!