Shirt with short sleeves: the fashion trend of the summer season

Men’s short-sleeved shirt is becoming an increasingly popular wardrobe item. Over the years, this incredibly comfortable and beautiful garment has caused a controversial attitude. It has been considered a low-level uniform or not at all a worthy replacement for a classic long-sleeved shirt and cuffs. Everything changed in the early 2000s, when designers paid attention to an undeservedly rejected item and took it to fashionable Olympus. Today short-sleeved shirts can be seen in the collections of Polo Ralph Lauren, Brioni, Z Zegna and other brands.


Nuances of a harmonious image

Stylish embodiments of summer 2020



Fashion colours and prints 2020

Nuances of harmonious image

To create an elegant, fashionable image, you must follow several rules: Do not wear a short-sleeved shirt with a classic suit and tie. This thing is appropriate in the office only if the dress code allows you to abandon the business style or, conversely, offers such a combination in the summer period. Choose a shirt by size. It should sit freely on the figure and beautifully emphasize the silhouette. Do not buy a product that is too wide or try to show the relief of the body with a tight model. A normal T-shirt will do a much better job of this task. Pay attention to details. The length of the sleeve should be strictly above the elbow. If the sleeve is narrow – to the middle of the bicep. If you are planning to wear a skillful shirt, make sure it is the right length.

You can navigate to the middle of the back pockets of the jeans. Combine correctly. When choosing a model, you need to know how and with what to combine it. Under a jacket, vest or jumper, you should wear a shirt, a piece of thinner fabric, usually without a pattern. The shirt is an independent wardrobe element. You can choose any color, monochrome or with a print. It looks great in ensemble with jeans, slacks or chinos. Stylists give some recommendations on how to wear a shirt with short sleeves. It can be tucked into summer trousers or worn over a T-shirt as a light blazer. It is even possible to roll up the sleeves. The main thing is to choose an appropriate style, which will help to emphasize individuality.

Stylish incarnations of summer 2020

With the short sleeve shirt, you can not only adapt to the heat, but also earn a reputation as a stylish man. For this purpose, it is enough to understand in what fashionable directions it is acceptable to use such an item of clothing. Classic Style, which does not require an impromptu and avoids mistakes and outright failures. If you follow the rules and do not miss important details, you can look like a dandy without much effort. Classic will be the best solution for office workers forced to look for fashionable alternatives on hot days. Ideal for the summer of 2020 are monochrome shirts with short sleeves in white, blue, coral, gentle mint shades, rich blue or muted red by OLYMP brand.


Street Fashion continues to take over podiums and dictate its own rules. Cajual images can look relaxed and even careless, or, conversely, adopt the rigor of the classics (smart casual and business-casual). Any mixes have the right to live. You can complement a white shirt with a polo collar with jeans and sneakers, or create a sophisticated look with a striped shirt and linen pants.

Trendy colors and prints 2020 In the new season designers offer to pay attention to turquoise, mint, sand, blue tones, as well as juicy shades of fresh greens. The accents are saturated red and coral orange. Already in season one of the most favorite drawings is the cage. Designers of the brand OLYMP say that in 2020 red, black and beige-brown variants remain at the peak of popularity. The type of cage can be any – Scottish, Welsh, guinea and others. This drawing looks great both in business ensembles, and in casual images. In the latter case it will be appropriate to wear a short-sleeved shirt over a white T-shirt.

The ironic prints are another hit of the season. You can not limit your imagination and choose drawings that will cheer you up and emphasize your sense of humor. Many of the prints in the summer collection are based on the motifs of flora and fauna. Bright shirts with short sleeves will create a summer mood and help to cope with everyday stresses in the jungle of the big city. The actual trend of summer 2020 is fabrics with brightly colored stripes in blue, blue, orange and green. Lovers of juicy shades will be happy to enlarge their wardrobe with an original model with abstract fruit motifs. The print with tropical fruits on a light or dark background looks very impressive. Still in fashion cotton and linen shirts with floral prints.

The classic of summer collections is the maritime style, reflected in the combination of white, blue and red shades. The most restrained, but no less bright and original versions are decorated with colored inserts on the collars. Things in bright shades, with trendy prints look great with lightweight shorts. The main thing is not to cross the thin line between really stylish options and tasteless creations from the market. It is better to trust the brands that work with famous designers and offer quality products.

Particular attention should be paid to the quality of the finish and the appearance of the fittings. Designers offer contrasting and unusual sandwich buttons, consisting of two or three layers of different colors or products with marble shades. In the finishing of a stylish piece, the slightest nuances are important, such as small embroidered elements, edges or prints on the inside of the collar.