Shorts for men + shoes under shorts: how to choose and wear?

Summer, sunshine, heat… It’s shorts time! They are a practical alternative to pants in warm summer months. For those against – they are infantile, ugly or any combination of the above.


If you don’t like wearing shorts, a few hundred more words won’t convince you to change your mind. However, if you like wearing them and you would like to continue doing so without fear of being ostracized or ridiculed, the following guide to finding an unusual image and style will help you do it right.

Until recently, wearing shorts in town was considered to be something bad. In 2011, Tom Ford’s masculine style authority decided that “shorts should only be worn on the tennis court or on the beach”. In formulating this opinion, he seemed to repeat the words of one of his predecessors, couturier Hardy Amis, who wrote in 1964 that a man should “never wear shorts except, in fact, on the beach or on a walking tour”. How things have changed.


Men are no longer delighted with such dictates. Shorts are now considered an acceptable outfit in all but the most formal environments. In addition to their obvious advantages such as a fresh alternative to trousers in the hot summer months, shorts also provide a number of opportunities for the gentleman’s whimsical adventure. Below are just a few of them.




The basics:



    Situation analysis

    Basic principles

    Experiments with flowers





    Tone image

    The game with proportions

    Cut-off shorts


    White color

    Sporting style in town

Shoes under shorts:


    Boat shoes



    Shoes on laces





Let’s get back to basics. The first thing to ask yourself when you choose a pair of shorts or any item of clothing, for that matter – how well they match the proportions of your body. That means honestly assessing your legs. Stand full height in front of the mirror and look at them. Are they long? Are they tan or pale? How many hairs are they wearing? Clumsy knees? Rugby player’s thighs?

The conclusions drawn from this exercise should be fairly obvious. If you have muscular hips, the fitted shorts will be uncomfortably thick, so choose a more proportional pair. If you have short legs, a pair of shorts designed to be slightly above the knee will end up lower, so choose a pair with a short inner seam that can be carefully worn. If your legs are pale, think about using a tinted moisturizer. If you have skinny legs, try a few more squats and pull in your training mode, etc.


Men’s legs come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s unlikely that some pairs of shorts will look the same on you as the other guy.


Case study

what shorts are fashionable to wear in the city


We men of the 21st century are living in an era of sartorial enlightenment. In past years, shorts have been worn in more normal cases. As we mentioned, Hardy Amis wrote that a man should “never wear shorts except on the beach or on a walking tour”. Tom Ford echoed that mood back in 2011 when he said in an interview for AnOther Magazine that “shorts should only be worn on a tennis court or on the beach.


Such comments seem strange by today’s standards, and it’s hard to imagine that they have ever represented a popular consensus. Perhaps shorts are not as formal as full height trousers. Maybe they can’t be worn everywhere. Maybe they’re also unacceptable to wear in the office.

There’s no single rule about wearing shorts, which is probably why they’re so controversial. Given that this is a guide for adults, perhaps the best advice we can give you in these situations is to act like an adult, which means taking a full look at the nature and context of your actions before going forward with them.


Imagine that you have been invited to a garden party. The weather is great. Do you have to wear shorts? Ask yourself whether it’s better to feel the wind around your ankles or avoid the host’s icy look? Aren’t you in tight company?

Now, how’s work? “Can I wear shorts to the office?” The best thing to say here is… it depends on the situation. It depends on many things. The office you work in and the people you share it with, above all, but also the shorts you plan to wear and what you plan to carry with you. Context is everything, and if you’re not sure you’re not gonna get fired, then maybe it’s best not to break the convention. Anyway, most offices are so tightly air-conditioned that you don’t need shorts.


Basic principles

Okay, so you’ve completed the painful but very important self-esteem phase. You’ve considered the circumstances under which it’s appropriate to wear shorts. Now what? Now you should work on the basics.


First, your mandatory shorts are a pair of dark blue. Pick a pair that ends two or three inches above your knee in a cut that complements the shape of your legs. What exactly does that mean? In a nutshell, it means that if you’re slim, pick a pair of matching shorts. If not, don’t do it. As long as you’re here, get the same or similar pair in neutral shade: beige, gray or sand. These two couples have the advantage of looking great with Oxford shirts. Avoid wearing beige chino shorts with a white polo shirt.

Then get yourself a pair of shorts with olive green pockets. Yes, yes, shorts with pockets are the devil. There were even half-hearted calls to ban them a couple of years ago for crimes against style. But before you write them down, look at the company they make up. Socks and sandals? After the fashion anathema, now it’s the height of style thanks to Prada. Crocs? Updated last year by Christopher Kane.


One of the unwritten rules of the fashion industry is that as soon as something reaches the lowest level of style, the irresistible designer will certainly rip something out of the chute and make it “cool” again. With this in mind, you can expect shorts with pockets to be at the peak of popularity of all the most promising summer brands.

It’s not like you’re gonna wear shorts with pockets to be cool. It’s a useful thing, and they’re best worn with utilitarian clothes. For example, they look awful with an elegant polo sports shirt. In terms of length, shorts with pockets will always touch not the formal style, but again try to find a pair that ends above the knee and not below it.


Denim is a great choice for a weekend in the park, and if you don’t have a pair yet, it’s easy to get one. Just take the old jeans – the older the better – and cut off your pants with sharp scissors. Don’t worry about being too careful, it’s all part of the image.


Finally, in reflection of the growing influence that sportswear has on the way we dress, we recommend adding jersey shorts to your collection. They can look a little sloppy if you’re not careful, so choose a more refined pair from a designer such as Thom Browne.


Experiments with flowers

Men have a history of using their feet as a way of injecting a small amount of color into their clothes. In Nantucket, an elite resort island off the coast of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, rich vacationers wear shorts or chinos of the blurry color of pink lobster known as Nantucket Reds. Their more adventurous neighbors at Martha’s Vineyard can choose a pair of green lime, caged, or perhaps a pair embroidered with tiny whales, lobsters or anchors.


Use colours and prints, but do so with care. Shorts are a great way to add a little appeal to your look. Not only are they integral to Cajual style, but they have the added advantage of being quite small in the surface area and far from your face when you wear them, so any color you use should feel pretty unobtrusive. Try the blurry pastel pink or pale yellow palette.



The bizarre world of seasonal fashion has changed – swimming shorts are used not only for bathing. With the addition of a short-sleeved shirt, a pair of retro-inspired sunglasses and leather sandals or a pair of suede espadrilles,” think Tom Ford or Bottega Veneta, “they can now easily take you from the beach to the bar. This is especially true during the summer, when ease and simplicity should be on your priority list when choosing what to wear.


Fashion should always be accepted first with skepticism, especially when it is led by brands such as Prada and Dries van Noten. So a few considerations before you run off to the beach with a pair of swimming shorts in your suitcase. First, keep in mind that they tend to end up much higher than the average pair of shorts.

Secondly, consider the material. Most shorts come in lightweight, fast-drying nylon, not in thinner cotton. Finally, let’s repeat what we’ve already mentioned that needs to be considered. It’s a resting image, and it’s less appropriate the farther you are from the water.


It’s a tonal image


A pair of dark blue shorts that ends just above the knee should be the cornerstone of every person’s wardrobe for warm weather. Anyone who doubts the truth of this statement should refer to the photo above. Dark blue is highly valued for its adaptation and fits well with almost any other color. Combining shorts with sneakers and a shirt in similar blue tones, this gentleman is imbued with this already elegant look with an added dose of chic Côte d’Azur. A master class in simple summer style.


Playing with proportions

One of the greatest representatives of men’s fashion, Nick Worcester, played an important role in spreading original fashion trends. Individual shorts have long been part of his repertoire. A fashion consultant and street style favourite is often seen in shorts with a jacket and shirt like here. Note the exaggerated, knee-jerk fit, which creates a good sense of balance with the upper half of his image.


Circumcised shorts


If you don’t already own a pair of these shorts, it’s pretty easy. Take a pair of sharp scissors and cut your pants off old jeans just above your knee. And voila! Don’t worry about being too tidy – shabby ends are all part of the look. The gentleman mentioned above preferred to wear them with a coordinating shirt, breaking the space of the denim fabric with the advent of a handkerchief looking out of the back pocket.




This example illustrates an important point, which is that a simple, monochrome color palette and a little coordination can help you go a long way. The power of street fashion in this image is further enhanced by knee-length oversize shorts that can swing freely in the wind in the style of those worn for basketball.


White color

White shorts may seem unusual at first, inclined, as they are, to attract stains. They prove their value during sunny summer days because they help you stay cool in the sun. Choose a breathable, lightweight fabric, such as linen cloth, and you can freely combine the top of your image with them, as this gentleman did. The lesson is that white is especially good with a blue chambret or denim cloth. Just be careful when you wear shorts with raw denim, which can easily transmit dye.


Sporting style in town


You’ve certainly heard a lot about the convergence of sportswear and fashion. But what does that really mean? Is it okay to show up at the office in your gym image now? Not really. The trick to wear sportswear in a non-sports context, that is, by convincing passers-by that you are not on the way back from training. And you’re actually a man of visionary tailor tastes. Focus on the details and gain the luxury. A pair of dark knitted shorts with designer basketball sneakers will leave no one in doubt.


Boat shoes

Boat shoes are probably best suited for the summer season. They were created by Paul Sperry of Connecticut in 1935, who inserted rubber spacers into the sole of his shoes so that they would not slide on the wet deck. His top-sided style is still relevant to sailors, although such shoes can be worn on land as well.


Boat shoes go well with linen shorts, knee-length. This is the best option for the sea breeze to blow nicely and keep cool. As far as colors are concerned, it can be quite a wide range, so it is easy to choose a pair of boots for shorts with patterns. For the New England style it is quite possible to pay attention to fine embroidery or tropical colors. Sailors of Nantucket are likely to prefer red shorts, respectively, boat boots better pick up the pink color. The same dark shorts will harmonize with the pink polo shirt.

Socks for such shoes do not fit, so they should be excluded. The main thing – the feet should be dry, you can sprinkle a little talcum powder to avoid blisters.


Snickers under denim shorts


For weekends and holidays, denim shorts will look great with sneakers. It is best if the shorts are a little tight, but by no means tight – it not only looks ridiculous, but also creates discomfort in hot weather. They should end just above your knees. Besides, the shorts shouldn’t be high at the waist.


In terms of color, a combination of dark blue (shorts) and white (sneakers) will be an excellent combination. Sneakers are usually worn with socks, but in this case it is better if they are invisible. It is also possible to choose sports socks, but you need to make sure that the tanning line is good if you are in the sun all day.



If you prefer models of shorts with folds on the lapels, for example, shorts Chino, they are ideal loafers or boots made of suede. Chino shorts can be of any color, but they look the most attractive in the palette of stone or American shades. This style works well if a man likes to tuck his shirt into his trousers. A tie is also quite appropriate, but it is important not to forget to wear a belt. The best addition to this costume will be a good tan on the legs.


In hot times it can be difficult to wear loafers on barefoot because of their leather tops. In this case, you should use talcum powder that is inherent to the skin on your feet.


Shoes on shoelaces

The advent of urban shorts means that laced shoes are back in the summer fashion, although men from Bermuda have worn them for years. Black oxfords aren’t right for this, but brown derby with rubber soles are. If you’re looking for something lighter, you can choose from models that combine fabric and leather.


Shorts should be adapted to the leg, ending just above the knees, not too wide or narrow. They will fit a blazer or blouse as an alternative to a jacket and jacket in cooler times.

Classic Bermuda shorts are traditionally worn with high socks. However, in the heat it’s not the best solution. Invisible or white socks would be better. Also do not tie your shoelaces too tight, as your feet tend to swell in the heat.




Double short shorts are in perfect harmony with black leather sandals. If you have to walk a lot, it is better that the sandals have a back strap, it will prevent the shoe from sliding on the leg, and it will not fall off all the time.

Those who do not want to focus on their hips should look at the linen shorts-cargo in Cajual style. Longer shorts will do for a hike on the beach.


Of course, socks with sandals are not worn – it’s an old rule known to everyone. But it’s getting old again, so it’s not mandatory. If you walk without socks, you need to take care of the pedicure, because nothing spoils the impression of a man in shorts and sandals, as well as legs.