Signs of an unpromising job

What should you do if you feel like you’ve hit a career dead end? How do you determine that the situation is really not the best, and who is really to blame? To do this, let’s use a list of factors and determine the next steps.

The prospect of growth is a fairly important consideration when choosing a job. Over time, we improve our skills, learn new things and, accordingly, we want and deserve professional growth, both in terms of positions and salaries. But not every company can offer this, and not every employee is really suitable for this. made a list of factors that will help you determine whether you are waiting for job growth, and what it may depend on.

You do not even want a promotion

You may consider your current job as a dead end if you are not even interested in the possibility of promotion. Feeling disinterested, indicates that the job clearly does not suit you. You don’t want new responsibilities, you’re not attracted to new opportunities at this company. In this case it is clearly worth thinking about a change, as you will no longer be able to move forward.

No one has gotten a raise in years

Not everyone is interested in career advancement, so the absence of such an opportunity is not always a critical factor. But if for a long period of time none of the employees did not raise their salary, you should be wary. Salary adjustments for seniority, inflation and cost-of-living increases should be in place. Otherwise, such work can be called unpromising. In addition to wage increases, it is worth considering the improvement of the social package, other benefits and incentives.

Lack of raises for current employees

You may encounter a situation where when higher positions become available or vacated, the company hires new people with suitable qualifications rather than promoting current employees. You may think that the company does not value the seniority and experience of its employees, and there are no prospects. However, in most cases this is the case because current employees are simply not suited for a more responsible position.

If you have been with the company for five years, it does not mean that you are worthy of promotion. What have you done in that time to get better? How many new ideas have you come up with? How many of these ideas have you been able to implement? In this case only by analyzing the personal achievements and the quality of work you can determine your prospects. But if you really tried, but the internal promotion still bypasses you, it is possible that exactly with this company you are not on the way.

No Opportunity for Promotion

Promotion always requires certain circumstances: the presence of hierarchy in the company, the opportunity to try yourself in a different role, to take on additional responsibilities, etc. This is important not only in your current job, but also when you’re applying for a new one. If you are planning your career growth, is it worth accepting offers from companies that do not offer this opportunity?

But it’s always worth keeping in mind that even with the potential absence of opportunities, you can create them yourself. Most of the restrictions are not. And if you set yourself a goal and go for it, that goal is bound to come your way.