Simple rules for being on the street during quarantine

For a month now, most of us have been quarantined by the global pandemic. And if it is still necessary to leave the apartment and go outside, it is very important to follow certain rules.


A number of countries immediately established very strict norms of stay in quarantine. And some countries are gradually introducing more and more bans. However, common to all the rules is a ban on going out unnecessarily and taking all precautions.


 Unfortunately, not all citizens are aware of the serious threat posed by this virus. They continue to walk in the street, gather in groups and go out into the countryside. After all, the weather is favorable for this and it is difficult to stay at home in four walls. But try not to go out unnecessarily and follow simple rules.

  1. Choose the best time to go out

The best time to go out is early morning or late evening. Larks people can leave the house at 7-8 am without any problems. And owls – late at night. All the more so because now many supermarkets work around the clock. This solution will help to avoid staying in the crowd and reduce contacts with other people as much as possible. And, therefore, it will reduce the probability of catching an insidious virus. And as for the time from day 12 until dusk, then it is better to stay at home. It is during this period, both on the street and in shopping centers, quite a lot of people. Among them are unconscious citizens – lovers of large companies and kebabs.


  1. Think over the clothes and stock up the necessary protective equipment

Going out into the street during the quarantine period, it is necessary to be very attentive to the addition of personal protective equipment. Specialists advise clothes that have been in the zone of risk of infection, on return from a walk to be sent to the wash. So choose those things that you do not regret to wash after each trip. Instead, they can be treated with antiseptic, and let them stay in the sun for a long time. After all, it is known that this virus is very unstable to sunlight.

Also, use a hat, a hood, whatever you want. The fact is that the head is a very vulnerable place. And if you don’t want to wear a headdress, then after the street wash your head properly and don’t forget to wash thoroughly. Owners of long hair should avoid loose hair. It is better to collect them in a ponytail. The virus can get into the hair, and in case of wind it will be in the mouth, nose or eyes.


  1. Use a protective mask

During quarantine by the rules without a protective mask in public places it is impossible to appear. If you walk alone in a deserted area, it can be removed. But in any case, it is always necessary to have the mask with you. Wear it in crowded places and in contact with them. It is also very important to know how to use it. It is desirable to change the mask every 3 hours. You should put it on and take it off to the side, taking the elastic bands. Under no circumstances, do not hold the center of the mask with your hands and do not take it off from bottom to top. If the mask is disposable, do not use it again. And if it is reusable, it should be washed, treated with antiseptic both inside and outside, and hung in the sun.

  1. Carefully consider what you should take with you before leaving the apartment

Disinfectants. Everyone knows that regular and thorough hand washing is one of the main ways to protect against coronavirus. However, if you are away from home for a long time, it is difficult to wash your hands. Therefore, it is important to have an antiseptic with you. If you come into contact with any objects, you should immediately treat your hands with it.


Protective gloves. This is a very effective protection against any virus, including the “crown”. When you leave home, you will definitely touch the door handles, elevator buttons and other surfaces. You will also be able to take money, a wallet, a cell phone and so on. That’s what rubber disposable gloves are for. At the same time, remember that in no case should you touch the face, after you have touched any things outside the house.

Eco-bags. If you are going to the store for shopping, it is best to bring a bag made of fabric. It is easily washed after every time you go to the store. Also, experts do not recommend using a basket and cart in the supermarket. It is difficult to assume who touched them before you.


Passport or other identification documents. This is a mandatory condition that must be met during the quarantine period.


  1. Follow the rules of conduct in a public place

Stay away from other customers in the store or pharmacy, keep your distance. To protect against coronavirus and prevent the spread of infection it is not recommended to approach each other closer than 2 meters. Now demarcation lines are applied everywhere and it is strictly prohibited to break them. It is very important to make a list of products that you need for a few days. Do not touch the goods without needing them. Choose products in packages. Try to use cashless payment at the cash desk. When you return home, be sure to wash your hands with soap for 30 seconds. And if possible, process the purchased products: wipe, wash.

  1. Take the necessary measures when you return home

It is better to rent shoes before entering the apartment. Then wash them, or at least put them in a bag. It is not necessary to take off the clothes at the entrance. But it is desirable to wash them, put them in a separate bag or send them to the balcony in the sun. And also wash your hands thoroughly with soap under running water for 20-30 seconds, and then wash your face.


Treat the keys, cell phone, wallet, glasses and other items you used outside with antiseptic. You should also wipe the doorknob and other surfaces you touched with alcohol. And as for pets, you should also wash their paws.


  1. Do not do what is strictly forbidden under quarantine conditions

The main requirement – no mass events, companies, handshakes, hugs. Always sneeze, cough correctly – to the elbow, not towards other people. It is also important to try to touch foreign objects as little as possible. It is clear that it is difficult to avoid contact with the door handle, intercom, button in the elevator. If there are no gloves, you can use a disposable napkin. Then just throw it in the garbage can.

And in conclusion, I would like to briefly introduce you to an interview with Dr. Dave Price of the New York Central Clinic, who has been fighting the COVID-19 on the front line for over a month now:


“The uniqueness of this virus is that it is not familiar to the human body. What we know for sure is that most COVID-19 patients combine three symptoms at varying degrees of intensity: fever, cough and sore throat. The disease can last from 5-6 to 14 days.


How does COVID-19 get infected? In the vast majority of cases, it is prolonged contact with an infected person or someone who is in the incubation period. Almost 99.9% of diseases are the result of physical contact with an infected surface with your hands and touching your face, eyes, nose or mouth. It is believed that it is also possible to get infected through the air. But at this point, observations show that this way you can catch the virus only when you are with an infected person at a very close distance for 15-30 minutes. So I repeat once again: the vast majority of infections occur through physical contact and the subsequent touch to the face. This is a very important point.

What do you need to do in order not to get infected?

  1. The main thing is to always keep an eye on where your hands are at the moment and whether they are clean. It is necessary to use an orderly at all times. I went into the elevator and pressed the button – sanitizer. The orderly opened the door. If there is no antiseptic, all actions can be done with an elbow.


  1. The second most important thing is not to touch the face with your hands, to follow it consciously. We touch it all the time, without even noticing it. According to statistics, a person unconsciously touches his face about 90 times a day. You said hello to someone by the hand, not knowing that this person is sick, and then you touched yourself. Everyone – you are also sick. These two points together – to keep your hands clean and not to touch the face – are incredibly powerful ways of protection. They will be effective in 99.9% of cases.

  1. In crowded places, it is necessary to wear a mask. It will not only protect you from infection, but also teach you not to touch the face with your hands. When you wear a mask, you just stop touching it. Therefore, a simple advice: when leaving the house, wear a mask or a respirator.


  1. Social distance. Keep a distance of 1.5-2 meters from others. It is not very difficult and does not change our lives that much. It is a simple rule, but extremely effective.


If we accept these simple 4 rules, the fear disappears. There is no need to be afraid of the world around us, no need to be afraid of a neighbor. You just need to clearly understand that such measures and rules should be taken into account. If we all stick to the necessary measures, we will definitely overcome this epidemic.