Simple rules for effective work at home during quarantine

Now many people, thanks to the specifics of the activity, have the opportunity to work from home. This is especially true for young people. In addition, most countries are quarantined due to the epidemic. And many people are forced to work remotely. Read how to do it more efficiently.

On the one hand, removal is convenient. There is no need to be afraid of sleeping, getting up early, going to the office in overcrowded transport or standing in traffic jams. However, in practice, not everything is so bright. Not everyone can work “on the sofa”. There are quite a few pitfalls.

You have some simple tips to avoid them and organize productive work from home.

  1. Keep to the set schedule

Even if you save time on the way to the office – it does not mean that the amount of work will be less. To be able to complete it on time, you need to set a clear schedule for yourself. And, of course, to stick to it. It is not necessary to work from 9 am to 5 pm. It all depends on what period of the day you are more productive. If it is evening time, you can start working at 2 pm or even later. And in the morning you can do other things. And if you are more productive in the first half of the day, you can start work early, freeing up the evening for household tasks.

  1. Get rid of distractions

If you work at home, it can be quite difficult to overcome prostration. You are not controlled by anyone. And there is an opportunity to be constantly distracted by other things. You can watch a video on Youtube, turn on the series or just spend time on the Internet looking for interesting information. If you are not able to focus on the work process, here is an effective advice. Just eliminate all distractions during the work and it will go faster. Remove / disable the gadgets, make sure that you can watch an interesting show on TV at another time. When you stop being distracted, you will quickly get through the main work. And more time will be left for rest and home affairs.

3. Daily “go to work”

In the morning, while still in bed, do not grab your laptop and smartphone. Do not check your work email. Be sure to take your time. Do some light gymnastics, take a shower, have breakfast. And only then “go to the office. Do not hurry as soon as possible to solve all work cases and free yourself. Get to work at your usual time. Also do not forget that you should always look good. After all, there are online planners. From the morning on, get cleaned up, and you will feel more confident, easier to tune in to the work routine.

  1. In time to “leave” your work

Do not stretch out your working day until late at night. Do not sacrifice your personal life, even if you work at home. Plan your schedule so that the evening will be devoted to your family. Leave all work problems and business “in the office. Talk to your children, relatives and friends. Watch an interesting movie, go out for a walk. And do not forget that there is a weekend. Do not turn seven days of the week into a continuous working weekdays.

  1. Communicate with your colleagues

Of course, during work in the office it is easier to communicate with colleagues. Go out with them for a break, have lunch and a cup of coffee. But you should not refuse such communication, being in the conditions of home isolation. It is always possible to create a video conference. During a virtual coffee-break to talk about any interesting topics. Discuss common work problems, as well as share their experiences. This kind of communication will help to overcome moping because of the forced social distance.

  1. Do not forget to eat right

If you work at home, the important question is nutrition. After all, at home you have many temptations. You can often open the fridge or make snacks. At home you decide for yourself what to eat and how often. And the state of your health depends on it. To reduce the number of trips to the kitchen, you can put a reminder about a full lunch in your smartphone. This is much better than snacks at your computer. After all, you can eat more than you should, even without paying attention to the taste of food.

  1. Avoid complete isolation

Many people who work from home are accompanied by potential loneliness. Even if it suits you and you feel comfortable, you should still avoid complete isolation. Psychologists strongly recommend not to be locked in yourself and not to focus only on your career. After all, besides it, there are a lot of interesting, useful and exciting activities. It can be a walk with a four-legged friend in the fresh air, work on the plot of land or just chatting with family on Skype.

  1. Do not work around the clock

Most people at a remote location, without noticing the time, continue to work with documents and check their mail until late at night. Specialists believe that it is more difficult to stop being a workaholic for those who work at home than for office employees. In this case, it is necessary to build clear boundaries for the working day. Otherwise, you can sit at your computer until morning. It is necessary to think over a special ritual that will help you understand that the working day is over. This should become a daily habit.

  1. Ask people around you not to disturb you

Once famous American professor Robert Kelly gave a live interview to the Air Force. And at this time, his children suddenly ran into his office. What happened next, you must have seen on YouTube. In order not to find yourself in such a situation, you need to draw a clear line between home and career. Working hours are working hours. And it does not matter where you are. It is important that relatives, friends, neighbors or an untimely phone call can not interrupt the work.

  1. Create a work environment

The atmosphere of the house should be able to work effectively. Create a comfortable working area. Try to bring its atmosphere closer to the office. Minimize the changes in the work process. Set a clear time for a break and try to stick to the schedule. Also try to follow all familiar work algorithms. So your working day in any conditions will be effective.

We hope that these tips will help you be productive outside the office. Write in comments, what other ways you use to make your work at the remote location comfortable and effective?