Six Ways to Cheer Up

Our mood depends on many factors: health, environment, other people’s actions, weather and so on. It is not always possible to stay on the positive side, but there are several simple ways to make life less bad days.

It doesn’t take a million dollars to enjoy life. Good mood is not for sale in a supermarket: you can get it for free if you have a couple of valuable habits. All you have to do is follow a few simple rules.

  1. Clean your bed every morning…

“That’s valuable advice, too! How does that change my mood?” Some people hum. Imagine, it will change – an elementary action sets a positive tone for the whole day. Research confirms that this habit is extremely important.

Such everyday trivia create a sense of structured and orderly life. To think, when we clean the bed, we learn to be organized! Turn this duty into a ritual, and very soon it will no longer seem boring.

  1. Remember to have breakfast

A light breakfast is a great start to the day, as the body needs to get nutrients to tune in to activity. Start with breakfast in the morning and you’ll see – you’ll immediately get more energy and vigour.

  1. Work out

Whether it’s fitness, yoga, swimming, running or cycling, your condition will improve several times. Your mental and physical endurance will increase, which means you will be calmer and more productive.

  1. Add some light

Daylight has a significant impact on our emotions and moods. Even in cloudy weather it is advisable to open the curtains in the morning to let as much light as possible into the house.

This is especially important for those who work at home. If the room is dusky, performance drops and covers apathy and sleepiness. So you need to make sure that your space is filled with light.

  1. Smile (even when you don’t want to)

“The mimic works because the brain catches the contraction of the facial muscles (in particular, the zygomatic muscle, which lifts the corners of the mouth when you smile) and recognizes this signal as follows: “Something made me happy,” explains neurophysiologist Alex Korb in the book “The Rising Spiral”. – Correspondingly, if this muscle is stationary, the brain thinks there’s nothing to be happy about”.

Even if you don’t have much fun, but you stretch your lips in a smile, many passers-by will start to smile in response, and it will surely lift your spirits.

  1. Show your gratitude

Acknowledgment is a very effective way to improve your mood. Thanks to it, the brain begins to produce neurotransmitters, antidepressants. By practicing gratitude, we ourselves become happier and create good relationships with others.

“Everything is interconnected. “Grateful people sleep better. “Sleeping reduces pain. The less pain, the better our mood,” explains Alex Korb. – A good mood reduces anxiety, so you can focus and think logically. Focusing and thinking logically helps us make the right decisions. When a decision is made, the anxiety finally dissipates and gives way to pleasure. Pleasure is a tide of gratitude. This is how a new round of upward spiral is created. When we are satisfied with life, we become more active and friendly – and thus feel happy.

It’s easy to cheer yourself up. Do you have your own secret ways?