Six ways to have a snack at work

This week we’re gonna talk to you about snacks at work. I’ll tell you right away that snacks are good. All nutritionists talk about it, all those who are engaged in healthy eating talk about it. You need to eat 5-6 times a day, and 3-4 times of them will be snacks, because we all work, we are all busy and, of course, to arrange for yourself, as in kindergarten, full breakfast, lunch, afternoon and dinner is not always possible.

Here are six ways to get yourself a healthy snack at work.

  1. Fruit

Fruit is the easiest way to have a snack. They do not need to be cooked, they are compact, they do not cause any discomfort in the stomach. Apples, bananas (if no glucose metabolism disorders), pears, plums, apricots. If you’re in a small office, buy a watermelon and eat it with your colleagues.

  1. Salads

The next method is vegetable salads. Yes, here, of course, you have to cook it at home, or buy it at the store. It’s better to cook at home. No need to prepare a multicomponent salad – cut the cucumbers and tomatoes, with herbs and dressing them with olive oil. Or green salad leaves with a little corn. Don’t be afraid to fantasize.

  1. Tea is also a snack

Strange as it may seem, a very good snack at work is green tea with honey. It’s both useful and invigorating and will quench the hunger for a while. Besides, you can have tea and honey in the office with the strictest orders.

  1. Dried fruits and nuts

A good “energy snack” is dried fruit and nuts. If you know that you won’t be able to eat for a long time, eat dried fruit and nuts. It is both a caloric and a good source of unsaturated fatty acids and a good source of carbohydrates, which is necessary for the work of all organs and systems, and above all – the brain.

  1. Sandwich

But the biggest field of fantasy leaves a sandwich. I would come up with a healthy sandwich for myself: I would buy coarse-grain bread, with many grains, I would buy cream cheese, I would add tomatoes, cucumbers and leaf salad. It’s both healthy and delicious and very nourishing.

  1. Dairy products

And, of course, a good way to eat is with sour milk products. A glass of kefir or yogurt. It’s both calcium and lactobacilli needed for normal digestion. Only to store such products, if you buy them for work, you should still in the fridge.