Smart casual men’s style: basic principles of creating an image

In today’s article we will talk about one of the most popular fashion trends among men – Smart casual style. And share the basic principles of creating an image and closet items

If most women value in style, above all, the effectivity, then men are attracted to comfort and flexibility. Therefore, the stronger and the fairer sex have different styles in vogue.

The casual/ casual style (means casual) is one of the most popular among the stronger sex. Therefore, among the majority of followers of the fashion trend a question arises about how to combine the style with a business image.

If in the office the bow should be representative, but not strict, it is worth trying Smart casual.

What is the style?

According to the definition of designers, smart casual is an informal and even a slightly careless style of dress. It harmoniously combines the classic and modern closet items.

Notes of carelessness originated around the same time as the style – at the dawn of the 20th century. During this period, quite actively developed industries, whose employees did not pay enough attention to their clothes.

The popularity of casual came at the height of the 20th century, when office workers appreciated the convenience, simplicity and at the same time attractiveness of the style.

At first, the combinations of classics and modern things were unexpressed. For example, instead of strict classic jackets men wore casual. This was the end of the experiments. But then the images became bolder.

One of the most important inoculations of the style is to keep a balance between informal and formal things.

Casual, thanks to its flexibility, allows you to create a lot of interesting and attractive combinations. Consider the most basic of them, as well as appropriate clothing for the style.


This is a key element of casual. It provides for a closet a lot of shirts of different colors and styles.

Especially effective are shirts in blue. They are successfully combined with jeans, sweaters, chinos and ties. Different shades of blue can be matched to any skin tone. Therefore, the blue shirt is a sure-fire option.

It is also worth buying striped and checked shirts. A small chest handkerchief, peeking out of the jacket pocket can be a zest of the image.


The T-shirt should harmonize in color with other things. Optimal for different looks is a T-shirt of the same color with a shallow neckline.

Tweed warm jacket as well as a stylish blazer

During the cold season, designers recommend wearing blazers or tweed jackets made of thick fabrics, and for the warm season blazers made of cotton or linen are appropriate.

The colors are best to choose among a calm range. For example, blazers in brown, green or beige colors will suit the style successfully.


Choose cardigans made of jersey with a V-shaped neckline. Knitwear of different degrees of density will also do. Things with sports notes are complemented by ties, and classic cardigans – by buttons.


Sunglasses and ties can be used as accessories. Effectively and informally look slightly carelessly tied scarves.


Cajul does not provide the classic pants with arrows. Chinos, jeans or khaki pants will supplement it.

Separately, we want to note about jeans. For the smart casual is best to choose models in dark colors, which are shaped a bit like the classic pants.

By color the pants should be in harmony with the top part of the clothes: a jacket, a cardigan or a blazer. Harmony of color with shoes and belt is also important.


Shorts would be quite suitable for the summer weather. But you must remember that the short, bright and colorful models are appropriate for the beach. For other occasions it is best to wear a shorter kind of chinos.


The choice of the belt depends largely on the model of pants. For example, under the chinos will suit a small strap of the same color as the shoes. However, different colors of the strap and shoes are still allowed by the designers.


There are no clear boundaries in terms of casual footwear. However, it is important that it resemble the classic and at the same time include informal features. For example, loafers, brogues or monkeys will suit the style. Choose what you like best.

Smart casual style is popular among men for a reason. It is flexible, comfortable and fashionable. The options of combinations of clothing are more than varied. The main thing is to maintain a balance between the classic and modern things.

Feel free to experiment and you will succeed!