Smartphones with a flexible screen: what is known about them

Smartphones, which have such a fantastic feature as a flexible screen, have been discussed for a long time, but the result of the development was released in 2018. As early as 2019, flexible smartphones appeared on the markets and cost a lot, even too much, taking into account frequent marriages and shortcomings. However, with the development of technology, this type of gadget will soon become cheaper and more affordable.

LG was the first company to start developing flexible displays. In 2019, it became known that the release of their first smartphone with a folding screen will take place in the line of LG V. The cost of this gadget will be expensive, but it is expected to release the next model – LG G, which can be purchased by anyone. The pioneers in production were the South Korean corporation Samsung. And immediately the first released smartphone with a flexible screen – Samsung Galaxy Fold – was problematic.

Many of the company’s product broke down literally immediately after the first use. The screen just stopped working. Also, the smartphones released for sale had a wider bandwidth between the screens than the model in the presentation. Samsung undertook to correct the shortcomings, and the revised version became available in Ukraine in October 2019. The screen vulnerability has been fixed, and now the smartphone will not fail prematurely. In addition to the unusual screen, the gadget has a state-of-the-art processor and access to 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of internal memory.

The price of Galaxy Fold is not cheap – from UAH 60,000. An interesting idea was put forward by the Chinese company Huawei. The features of the sophisticated smartphone of their brand are reported that it will bend twice – the edges of the display will also be flexible. The technical stuffing is still unknown, but the price is lower than the Galaxy Fold, which already gives the future novelty a positive connotation.

The second smartphone from Samsung with a folding display was the Galaxy Z Flip model and it was released in February 2020. The smartphone was presented with new S-series devices, the release was accompanied by a wide informational presentation to “wash away the reputation” of its past, not very successfully launched, complex Galaxy Fold. The Z Flip has more in common with the clamshell, unlike its predecessor, which looks like a half-folding tablet. The smartphone is compact, with a convenient small display near the cameras. Stuffing, for some reason, is not the latest: Snapdragon 855 Plus processor. A small drawback is the screen, which is easily scratched. Rumors about the revival of the Motorola RAZR line flew in the winter of 2019. Lenovo released its response with a flexible screen in the fall, and the device went on sale only in 2020, with restrictions on the number.

The price does not bite in comparison with competitors and therefore the technical characteristics are a bit outdated: the 710th processor and 6/128 GB of memory. The criterion of wear rate states the possibility of 100,000 cycles, but in fact – a little more than 27,000 assemblies. Fantastic technology for creating flexible screens has already been implemented, but still quite fresh and somewhere raw.

Therefore, there is no escape from the high price and fragility of flexible smartphones. Prices will eventually fall from astronomical to average, and then flexible displays will enter the life of every user. It is worth noting that the user-loved convenient AMOLED-displays can not bend, so manufacturers have to resort to the use of organic LEDs, which reduces the quality of the matrix. The screen is still a weak point of sophisticated smartphones, not a breakdown, which will have to put up with given the freshness of the technology of the invention. To cover the shortcomings of the screen, flexible smartphones try to do their best. The latest developed octa-core Snapdragon 856 processor and no less powerful HiSilicon Kirin 990 – frequent visitors are smartphones. To justify the price tag, more memory is added and some models get 6 cameras. Also, flexible smartphones work longer due to the use of two batteries.