Smartphones with large screens negatively affect the health of users

The current size of the gadgets among the most compact is the largest mobile devices, which can be used without looking at the possible harm to health. This conclusion is supported by the opinion of Alexander Timofeev, Associate Professor of Informatics Department of the Plekhanov Russian Economics University. The scientist believes that the width of smartphones should be no more than eight, and the length up to 15-centimeters. Otherwise, if used for a long time, problems with hand muscles may occur.

Thus, if you have a big screen in priority, test it for convenience first. If you have difficulty reaching certain areas of the screen with your thumb, you should consider buying a more compact version, – Timofeev advises. Another expert reminded about the excessive brightness created by large display panels, which often causes a carving in the eyes of users.

In addition, most modern flagships no longer fit into the front pockets of pants. Therefore, you have to put it in the back pockets. The latter entails a risk, forgetting to break the gadget, accidentally sitting on it. By the way, there are a lot of such examples in the network.

By the way, the strict criteria of the scientist a little does not meet the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max. This device is 8 mm longer than the recommended parameter. The same can be said of the Galaxy Note10+, whose length is 162.3 mm. However, the South Korean flagship for convenience is equipped with an additional stylus.