Solve issues by force

My dad and grandfather taught me how to solve problems by force, and you? Of course, not all questions should be solved in this way, but only those that do not work otherwise. Solving life issues by force is a forgotten but always working option. “We have to live in such a way that our relatives and friends are proud of us. We have to go forward, break through the cruelty and injustice of life. That’s when we’ll be worth something in this life.” Lily Collins We live in today’s world and the offer to solve life’s problems by force is baffling for many. But you shouldn’t think that the expression “solving problems by force” has only physical contact and fighting. It is possible to solve by force any case where you go forward using the power of all your abilities, rather than roll over to compromises and infinite concessions.

The modern world preaches tolerance, politeness, pliability and endless search for compromises. As a result, we are bogged down in an attempt not to offend someone and take into account the interests of all when it is very difficult. Society becomes weaker. As a result, we see tolerant civilizations lose out to simpler, more straightforward and coarser nations. Solving issues by force How can we solve the issue by force? The physical variant of elimination of problems “After all, father and grandfather were taught to solve the problems by force. How else do you talk to an asshole like you?” Alyona Shvets Let’s start by solving problems by force that happen in life. The biggest number of fights take place in our youth when we go to school and other educational institutions.

When a person is pressed, he tries to find compromises and solve everything with words. But at that moment you realize that it doesn’t work. My dad and grandfather always taught me to solve things by force. You can long persuade bullies not to touch you, ask for mercy, whine, cry and give different arguments, but it does not work. You’ll be pushed, kicked, bullied, punched, pressed, knocked and beaten. No matter how hard you try to convince hooligans, you cannot fight aggression with words or a bouquet of flowers when you need a strong fist. It’s time to solve issues by force. My grandfather and father taught fist-bumping to those who don’t understand well.

They were old-school and they knew how to work well. You should fight evil with their own weapons. Hit all the assholes who try to hurt you, they said. Hooligans only lag behind when you answer with your own for each of their blows. You’ve been pushed and you’ve been punched in the nose. You got punched, you got loaded in the jaw. You get pressed, you’re a two in return. That’s when the hooligans realized it was more expensive to get in touch with me and fell behind. It’s easy and nice to hit someone who won’t give back. But no one wants to get in touch with the one who fights back every time and brings a sea of trouble. The great boxer Mohammed Ali said: “Not a single blow, except the sunny one, should remain unanswered”. The power method of solving always worked when other methods were powerless. One precise blow to the jaw or liver replaces 3 hours of educational conversation. You can try to persuade bullies not to touch you for a long time, but you can give them back. It worked, it works and it will always work.

Solve the issue by force. The strategy for success in life is “The best way out is always the best.” American poet Robert Frost noticed how Western civilization in Europe loses? It is inferior to the invasion of migrants and coarser civilizations. Tolerance, pliability, tactfulness and an attempt to take into account the interests of all parties. As a result, they lose out to brute force, impudence, forwardness and direct problem-solving. How do you solve problems by force? We often have several ways of solving problems and problems. First of all, we should be flexible, cunning and plastic. Find the easiest way to achieve the goal without using force or wasting energy. But often we rest on the fact that the problem cannot be solved by civilized and careful actions. It’s a dead end. As a result, we spend a lot of time, effort, energy, or money looking for a tactful way to solve problems. This is the case when issues should be solved by force. It is like a Gordian knot, which should be cut with determination and strength. To solve the problem by force. Strategy for success in life How do you solve the problem by force? “Nothing can be achieved if you do not go ahead and grab everything you can.

Otherwise, people will use you to their advantage.” Apton Sinclair There are psychological and physical options for influencing your opponent. You have to choose the one that’s more appropriate for the situation. But you should always keep in mind prudence and existing laws. How do you put pressure on a person? How do you make others do what you want them to do? How to solve the issue by force when you can’t do it any other way? Press morally on a person to force him or her to come out in your own way Threaten with what unprofitable or negative consequences Blackmail, Leverages of pressure and coercion to the right decision Ultimatum and categoricality Breaking down the principles and self-esteem of the opponent Mocking and criticizing the opponent Moral destruction of the opponent Moral destruction of the opponent Proposal to solve the issue by force or fight Instigation and persuasion Finding weaknesses and vulnerabilities of the opponent Diversion to the side, where the opponent loses advantage Using enemy force against him or the aikido method Motivation with fear

Using fatigue or exhaustion of the opponent Taking with weariness and perseverance Massed attack on all fronts Using angry tirades, outbursts of anger and aggression How do you solve the issue with force? The path to the left, right and bypass only makes life harder. Don’t run away and hide. Sometimes it’s not a solution, it’s a waste of energy and time. Often it will be a dead end or a Gordian knot. My dad and grandfather taught me to solve problems by force when there are no other options. Destroy all obstacles and go ahead. If you go ahead, be like a bear. Stop being shy and trying to look like a little boy. Winners and the strong are not judged. Stand up to your dreams and goals. Now go ahead. It’s gonna work. Decide by force when you can’t. It’s not enough just to fight. You have to win.