Sony has canceled production of the PlayStation 5

Reliable network informants such as Bloomberg and Nikkei have reported that the electronics maker has decided to take a step that hardly anyone expected. The fact is that Sony has been forced to significantly reduce production of the PS5, making it forced. The reason was as simple as possible, because in the production of AMD processors for PlayStation 5 there is an extremely high percentage of crystal shortages. Because of this, the Japanese corporation simply does not have enough chips to install in all its copies of the console, which is why it had to slow down production, because the components for the assembly of the game console is simply not enough.

It is reported that Sony has seen the point in reducing production of the PlayStation 5 by March 2021 by as much as 4 million devices, which is incredibly strong. In practice, all this means that this electronics manufacturer is in a very unpleasant situation in which its branded console will be in short supply, and the brand simply can not do anything about it, as it simply does not have the required number of components. According to preliminary data, when the PS5 goes on sale, it will cost about $ 500. This is certainly a lot, so many people may not be able to afford the novelty.