Sony has revealed the features of backward compatibility of PS5 and PS4 games

Inverse compatibility is quite important in the transition between generations of consoles, and the new generation of consoles in this regard is quite good. Sony has now released information on how this will work on the PlayStation 5.

Recall that next month, when the PS5 comes out, its starting lineup will be small, but there is good news for PS4 owners – they will be able to play games from their previous console, which are already in their collection. Of course, the disc collection will not come in handy if you buy the PS5 Digital Edition, because it does not have a drive, but digital copies of games with PS4 will be supported.

Games are expected to flirt with new colors on the PS5 thanks to support for Game Boost technology, which will provide more stable fps. Also, the games will use the chips of the new user interface of the console, although we do not know which ones. You can transfer game progress from the game for PS4 to PS5 via LAN cable, Wi-Fi, using an external USB drive or through the cloud storage for PS Plus account holders.

Sony has also confirmed that not all games will be supported on the PS5. Projects that do not support backward compatibility will be marked “PS4 only” in the PlayStation Store. Also, games for PS4 that support PS5 can be played using DualShock 4. VR projects that support backward compatibility will require all the necessary accessories. Licensed game controls, arcade controllers, and joysticks for the PS4 will also be available for PS5-compatible PS4 games, but using DualShock 4 in PS5-only games won’t work.