Sony PlayStation 5 will not be on the market for long

The Taiwanese edition published information about the plans of the Japanese company Sony for the PlayStation 5 game console, which, despite the fact that some time has passed since the official presentation, continues to be actively discussed by users online. According to sources in the supply chain, Sony intends to sell at least one hundred and twenty million units of this console over the next five years, and is expected to sell more than ten million by the end of this year.

Sony has already begun receiving AMD hardware for its future consoles from TSMC’s production facilities, and production is expected to peak in the coming quarters. This indicates that the company is aiming for high sales after the release of the console, which is close.

Another interesting fact is that Sony has plans to reduce the traditional console life cycle from 68 to 5 years. The company is also convinced that the abovementioned one hundred and twenty million PS5 is the minimum, and the maximumabout one hundred and seventy. It is clear that the company has grand plans, but the main issue is that Microsoft will not break them with its powerful Xbox Series X console and its more affordable variation Xbox Series X, which should cost about 400 and about 200 dollars, respectively.