Sparkling or non-carbonated drinking water – what to choose?

Carbonated mineral water can be natural or conventional drinking water enriched with carbon dioxide (carbon dioxide).

It has long been known and is extracted from natural sources. Where they are located, there are usually health resort areas.

The discussion about whether carbonated water is of use to the body, or whether it provides only harm, is ongoing.

Composition of carbonated mineral water

The carbonated water we buy in our usual glass or plastic bottles can be obtained in two ways:

– From sources located in volcanic rocks at a depth of over 100 meters;

– From purified water with the addition of carbon dioxide.

The composition of these liquids is significantly different and their effect on the body is different. Water from natural sources contains carbon dioxide formed during volcanic activity.

Carbonated mineral water

The liquid extracted from the depth is saturated with minerals found in passing rocks:

– calcium,

– with iron,

– with magnesium,

– with iodine;

– sodium, etc.

Such carbonated mineral water is much healthier than that produced artificially. Although the liquid produced artificially, also saturates micro and macro elements.

Use of water containing carbon dioxide (unsweetened)

Properties of carbonated water:

– quick thirst quenching;

– promoting gastric juice production. Particularly useful for people with reduced acidity. However, it should be used according to doctor’s prescription, because for various gastrointestinal diseases shows its composition of minerals and trace elements;

– carbon dioxide stops the growth of pathogenic bacteria. When poisoning is shown to drink carbonated water;

– presence in carbonated mineral water of the elements required by a person to maintain health (in the absence of contraindications);

– carbonated water is simply pleasant to drink, it tints off the taste of dishes, combined with almost all products: sweet and salty, cold and hot. It is drunk with fruits, vegetables, meat and fish dishes.

Negative effects after taking carbonated water can occur when eating it in large quantities, with an increased content of carbon dioxide or certain diseases. They manifest themselves in the following way:

– relapses of gastrointestinal diseases;

– formation of stones in the kidneys (if the phosphorus-calcium metabolism is impaired);

– increased flatulence, bloating, intestinal cramps;

– heartburn;

– changes in bone structure, etc.

Is it possible for pregnant women to drink carbonated mineral water?

Mineral water is useful during pregnancy:

– It quenches thirst;

– Sometimes saves from toxicosis;

– Adds useful substances to the body.

However, all this applies to non-carbonated water. Carbonated liquid promotes the appearance of signs of toxicosis, bloating, heartburn. Therefore, you should stop using it during pregnancy.

Can I give my children carbonated water?

Babies should abstain from drinking soda water. It irritates the delicate walls of the larynx, esophagus, can cause stomach upset.

The most natural product for the human body is non-carbonated drinking water. The question of taking carbonated mineral water should be decided with a doctor according to your health condition.