Sprays antiseptic for 1.5 meters: scientists have introduced a unique bracelet – video

Scientists have presented the SprayCare Band – a convenient dispenser bracelet that provides the ability to disinfect hands and surfaces. The accessory is especially relevant given the COVID-19 pandemic. A team of engineers and startups from the United States, Mexico and China worked on its creation, according to the project description on Kickstarter. Advantages of the device The developers have noted that people often have to touch dirty surfaces. So we decided to use a simple device to solve this problem.

The invention should provide convenience and save time. Because it is not always possible to quickly take a bottle of hand sanitizer, open it and use it before touching anything. This bracelet will be especially useful for workers in the field of services and trade. After all, they often need to quickly disinfect their hands and tools after each client. Details about the innovative bracelet The SprayCare bracelet consists of a small bottle, a spray and an electric pump. It is quite similar in size to the Apple Watch. The device starts working after pressing the touch button. After that, he sprays antiseptic for a distance of up to 1.5 meters in just 3 seconds. We spent a lot of time designing this product. Wanted to make it an elegant alternative to bulky bottles of disinfectant, – explained the developers.

The bottle can be filled with 5 milliliters of disinfectant, it is enough for about 40 applications. Users will then be able to add the antiseptic again. The bracelet is powered by an 80 mAh battery. It can be charged using the micro-USB port on the side. The LED indicator informs the user of the need to charge. Interesting! You can also pour insect repellent, perfume or essential oil into the bottle. Engineers consider it as a tool of self-defense: to do this, the antiseptic will have to be replaced by a liquid for pepper spray.