Steam is implementing an obscene filter: how it works

Steam has launched a beta test of a version that has a new feature – “Chat Filtering”. Then users will be able to hide likes and insults, as well as configure additional filters.

This feature works as a general setting for Steam games and chat in the client, mobile application and browsers, reports ITC.

How it works

The function is based on the old chat filter for CS: GO, Destiny 2 and Dota 2.

If you enable “Chat Filtering”, the user will not see most obscene language – these statements will be replaced by characters.

The user will also be able to change the settings by adding or deleting specific words. You can also download lists of words or phrases from other sources and share filters with others.

There are two main filters:

Huskies often used by gamers;
Frequent insults on racial, religious, ethnic and other grounds.

You can enable chat filtering and add your own filters in the “Content settings from the community” section of Steam.