Style in every detail: men’s haircut with shaved temples


The benefits of men’s haircuts with shaved whisky and back of the head

Ultra-fashionable men’s long hair styles with shaved whiskies

Classic male short haircuts with shaved whiskies

Laying and Styling Options

The shaved whisky has recently become almost the main attribute of a fashionable male haircut. Needless to say, this element is now considered the basis of the most popular hair styles for hairdressers. What nuances should be paid special attention to, from what types of haircuts you can choose and how to care for your hair with shaved whisky, we tell in this material.

Advantages of men’s hairstyles with shaved whisky and back of the head

Haircuts with shaved whisky especially to the face of men with round and square shapes. During the creation of the hairstyle master removes excess from the sides and thus makes the proportions more harmonious. At the same time, owners of the oval face can also choose a similar haircut: the main thing here is to make sure that there is not too much hair on the top.

Among the main advantages of shaved whisky haircut is the freedom to implement the most daring and interesting ideas. If you wish, you can even decorate the back of your head and whisky with a spectacular pattern!

In addition, just one hairstyle allows you to do several styling options at once: the hair on the top can be divided into parting, put up with gel, comb backwards, etc. And information for the busiest people: it takes no more than 15 minutes to get your hair cut!

Types of ultra-fashionable men’s hairstyles on long hair with shaved whiskies

With a tail

The other name is topknot. A variant of creative and spectacular haircut for brave young people. In this case, the maximum length is left on the top and back of the head, so you can make a tail, bundle or even weave a pigtail. Whisky is shaved with the machine almost to zero. The plus of such a haircut is that it can grow very long, you can safely go to the correction in a couple of months at the earliest. By the way, cuts with a tail or bundle look very stylish in combination with a thick beard.

With a shaved back of the head

There are quite a few varieties of haircuts with shaved whisky and the back of the head. You can make a smooth transition between zones or align everything to one length.


This haircut is considered one of the most popular and fashionable for several years in a row. First of all, the fade is associated with a smooth transition from minimum to maximum length. Thus, the so-called velvet effect is created on the temples and back of the head.


Canadian is something of a fade. But the transition isn’t as smooth, it’s not that smooth. On the whole, the haircut looks more brutal. Long hair on the top of the head is licked back or sideways with gel or wax. The volume is achieved by using hairspray.

Classic male short haircuts with shaved whiskies


These cuts are characterized by carelessly ruffled strands on the top or long spectacular bangs that are slightly whipped with fingers. The shaved whisky acts as a contrasting element.


One of the most stylish hairstyles of our time. The master shaves a considerable part of hair on temples and a back of the head, thus leaving enough volume part on a theme and a top. There are several variations of the undercut, which resonate with cuts such as Canadian or fade.


The real classics of men’s haircut! It will look equally harmonious both on the teenager and the middle manager. In this case, the hair on the temples looks slightly shorter than the strands on the top. If desired, the haircut can be transformed into a semi-box, letting go of the hair at the top of the head: whisky can be shaved every time you visit the hairdresser, and the bangs and the top leave the hair unchanged.


Whisky is not just shaved in contrast to the top of the hair, but also stands out in an additional way. The master draws a thin line around the circumference of the head with a miniature trimmer.

5 necessary products for cutting with shaved whisky

Recommended tools

Redken Brews Fixing Spray

Perfect for styling with bangs and shaved whisky. The product formula is so saturated that a small bottle will last long.

Redken Brews styling gel

The product is designed to create a clear styling shape and a spectacular shine. For sure, owners of Canadian hairstyles and top notes will love it.

MAT Hair Paste from L’Oréal Professionnel

It has a light texture effect and is completely invisible in the hair. You can use it to create a slightly sloppy look. Apply the paste, ruffle the top of your hair – and fashion styling is ready!

Volume Builder volume mousse from Matrix

Ideal for cuts with shaved temples and medium thick hair at the top. With this mousse, you can achieve a very effective volume for cuts such as Canadian or elongated undercut.

Simulation paste Sculpte from L’Oréal Professionnel

If you don’t like to waste time on laying, this modeling paste is for you. It can only be applied to a few strands to highlight the texture and give the cut a neat look. For box and semi-box owners, this is what you need.