Style of a man in his 50s

After 50 years, a person starts to change radically in appearance. That is why during this period it is very important to have time to “reformat” your wardrobe, so as not to look ridiculous. If you think that fashionable age-related rules exist only for women, then you are deeply mistaken. The same man, depending on the clothes may look at the age of 50 as an imposing gentleman or as a shabby state farm in a warehouse.


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Style choice It’s silly and wrong to give a specific style formula. Style must be individual. But to determine the style direction – still need, otherwise you risk to make from your wardrobe “vinaigrette” things that will not fit together. We will walk through the basic styles, what should be the clothes for adult men. Business. Perhaps the best choice for this age category. Shirts of successful cut, suits, pants, coats will make the silhouette correct. Besides, business clothes are easier to combine with each other. There is a minimum of risk that you will unsuccessfully combine outfit. The only “but” is sometimes, and the classics need a day off.

Everyday This style of clothing is for men 45 50 years old, who have a sense of proportion and style. Combining a jacket and shortened jeans, wearing a French loop scarf and loafers on a bare body is just casual. A man who chooses this style at 50 will look sexy and be successful with women.

Street. This is the base of the men’s wardrobe, which is characterized by versatility and at the same time eclecticism. Images, decorated in this style, look easy, and from such a man at the top smells of confidence. Street style gives unlimited freedom of expression, as there are no rules and restrictions.

Sporty. Gives freedom of action and comfort. It is clothes of free cut, natural fabrics and muted shades. Hoodies, pants, sweatshirts, T-shirts are the sports base on which all other styles are built. Naturally, sports suits made of artificial materials with fake labels clearly have nothing to do with a style that will suit a man in his 50s.

Colour combinations at 50 The skin pales with age. This is a natural process, unless you live in southern countries or have a darker skin tone from birth. That’s why it’s better to choose a lighter colour, otherwise you risk looking even pale in contrast to a rich palette of clothes. Let pastel, grey and khaki prevail in your wardrobe, and sandy and blue shades in summer. And, of course, the royal white – will be relevant for all occasions, regardless of age and fashion trends of the season.

Basic wardrobe of a man in his 50s Adult man should form his own style, knowing exactly what suits him and what does not. Below we made a check-list, what should be a basic wardrobe for men “with experience”: Costume. It should be gray or blue. Prefer only natural fabrics. Len will do too, but he shouldn’t look like a “bag”. Better choose a suit with a fitted jacket, but not tight pants. Shirts. They should either be monochrome models or have a minimal geometric print. Like a stripe or a cage. White, blue, saturated blue, grey, milky are the ideal shades for the case.

Polo. Fashion for middle-aged men is impossible without a “millionaire T-shirt”. In polo, a man really looks like a million. The main thing here is to choose the bottom and shoes. Jacket or blazer. Choose expensive quality models. Let it be things from beautiful textured materials, better monochrome or with classic ornament.

Pants and jeans. No skinny and tight models – only freedom, right lines and comfort.

Knitted sweaters, pullovers and cardigans. They should definitely be in shape, not hanging with a “rag”. Avoid models made of artificial threads. Don’t take cardigans in motley colors, they should be monochrome. A quality coat. Men’s fashion, who are over 50, is unthinkable without an expensive coat. Choose the one that’ll fit you perfectly at once.

A bomber jacket is also a great option if you want to “play” a little bit and give more youthful image. Remember also that a huge role is played by posture. Stuffiness can make an old man out of you. So can a shuffling gait. The very perception and inner confidence is not even the least important for the male image. Eyes and facial expressions are the mirror of the soul. It is they, not clothes, can convey a positive mood, reliability, confidence and much more. So work on yourself, not only externally, but also internally.

The choice of accessories Accessories will give a presentable and “aged” image of a 50-year-old man. They should be discreet, but quality and expensive things. For example, a leather belt, gloves, monochrome or plaid scarf made of natural wool, gold or silver cufflinks, branded watches.

Avoid solid rings and chains, even if you have worn them before. By the way, they can ruin anything, even regardless of age. The only acceptable jewelry at 50 is a wedding ring. As you can not dress at 50 At 50 years of age on the first background in the image should be a man himself, not his clothes. So give up extravagant styles, bright colors and clearly “youthful” elements of the wardrobe. What are we talking about? Well, at least we’re talking about these things: Skinny jeans. No, no, no, not again. Let’s start with the fact that they don’t go at all. We’ll end up with them going out of fashion. Straight or tight, but slightly extended book, pants look stylish and expensive, and also – make the figure correct and proportional.

Things with inscriptions and labels. A man in his 50s shouldn’t be “branding”. And if it’s a fake, it’s not a comilfo at all. Try to give preference to monochrome things. Prints and large drawings should be abandoned, too. Sneakers. Teenage shoe model will not fit into the image of a mature man, no matter what style of clothing he prefers. Sportswear. Nobody call on you to throw away your T-shirts. But if you’re wearing a T-shirt, supplement the look with pants/jeans and a jacket. Remember that to dress up completely in a sports suit and complement it with sneakers – you can only practice in the gym. Pay attention not only to the wardrobe, but also to your hairstyle. Extravagant cups or cut arrows will look at least strange on a man in his 50s. A beard at this age will no longer give solidity, but will add with a dozen extra years.

Remember also that most fashion magazines focus on young guys. That’s their target audience. So don’t take everything that’s written in glossy, take it for the truth at first instance. Don’t forget to listen to yourself. You can listen to the advice above, or you can ignore it. After all, an adult man is a formed person, and his wardrobe is a reflection of his experience and maturity.