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Stylish images for men in 2021 are not difficult to put together, because every man’s closet has everything you need. However, in order to look really stylish and solid, it is not enough just to wear jeans and a sweatshirt. It is important to properly combine the elements of clothing, as well as know how to competently complement the image with accessories.

Even if you know what things are trendy today and what the rules dictate the modern fashion, there are many nuances that you need to know when composing a stylish image. About how to look irresistible and sophisticated in all seasons, read our article.

The main components of a stylish image for men

The desire for an ideal appearance is peculiar not only to the fair sex. Today, many men understand how important it is to look good in order to succeed in career and personal life. At the same time not everyone is aware that a stylish image – it’s not just clothes and shoes. To create a perfect look, it is necessary to take into account many nuances.

A man who wants to look perfect should pay attention to the following aspects:

State of health

Beauty is, first of all, health. It is recommended to include sports and proper nutrition in your life. Regular exercise, running or walking are all necessary building blocks for a healthy and beautiful body.


Well-groomed hair and an up-to-date haircut are indispensable conditions for creating a stylish man’s image. The state of the hands and nails should also be given the closest attention. Fingers should be clean, without a rough cracked cuticle, with neatly trimmed nails. If there is no possibility to regularly visit a manicurist, it is necessary to take care of the hands yourself.

A mustache and a beard can help in creating a stylish image, but only if the owner carefully looks after them, trims them with a trimmer, uses special oils, and even better – is a regular customer of the barbershop, where his beard is under the supervision of a professional.

A plume of expensive perfume, which accompanies a man, is a recommended, but not obligatory element of an ideal appearance.

Clothing and shoes

The modern man is clearly not enough to have one suit for all occasions, no matter how fashionable and expensive it may be. For everyday closet you need at least three sets of clothes corresponding to different life situations. If they are chosen correctly, things can be combined in different combinations and create a lot of new images. Modern fashion allows you to combine jeans and jackets, classic suits and sneakers, so there is plenty of room for imagination.

True, the hunters to visit the stores and spend hours in the fitting room among men there are few. To help the rest will come online stores, where you can pick up a basic closet without looking away from the monitor.

Shoes need to be paid even more serious attention than clothes. It is high-quality and beautiful shoes that can give a man confidence and become a determining element of a beautiful appearance.

A stylish image – a set of many components, its creation requires men to take constant care of health and beauty, the desire to look a hundred percent and to feel confident in any situation.

Basics of a stylish way to look like a man

To begin with, let us define what exactly is meant by the concept of “stylish image”. There may be many styles, and members of the stronger sex have their own ideas about how a man should look. For some people there is nothing better than the image of a rocker or biker, they cannot imagine themselves without leather things, worn jeans and cowboy boots. These people are also dressed in style, but only within the framework of their subculture. The common understanding of style is still a classic piece of clothing and footwear, as well as appropriate accessories.

This does not mean that a stylish man should only wear strict suits and a shirt and tie. On the contrary, a stylish image may include jeans, pullovers, cardigans, t-shirts, but in calm tones, without shouting colors and bright prints.

Of great importance is the quality of the materials used to create the clothing and shoes. Cheap fabrics and accessories will spoil even a properly chosen style, and fake watches from the nearest market will create an impression of low quality of the whole image. It is better to have few things, but each of them should be sewn or made with taste, from good materials.

Skillful creation of a basic closet is not an easy matter, and not every man can cope with this task on his own. You can study the recommendations of men’s magazines or seek help from professional stylists who will help you find a perfect fit. Of bought on their advice pants, shirts, vests, jackets, turtlenecks and pullovers you can create new combinations every day, complementing them with matching belts, ties, briefcases, bags and other accessories.

The main trends of a stylish man’s look in 2022

Each season has its own markers for determining whether the look is in line with current fashion trends. In 2021, these include:

Beige: the basic men’s closet must necessarily include things of sandy shades: a coat, pants, jacket, pullover or vest.

Bulky bag: Not only fashionable, but also very comfortable accessory, and both textile and leather versions are equally welcome.

Prints and logos: these elements of a stylish image do not lose relevance for several seasons in a row. The peculiarity of the year 2022is the absence of bright colors and strict monochrome performance.

Headwear: a suitable stylish accessory can be selected for any image. A straw hat to a light linen suit, a soft velour hat to an autumn coat, caps and baseball caps to casual and sporty variant of clothing. Those who want to keep up with fashion should try on beret: this laconic and comfortable hat is recommended by many stylists.

Double-breasted blazer/coat: the return of designers to this type of cut for men’s and now women’s clothing guarantees an elegant appearance.

The color electric: the use of this shade in the closet will confirm that the man closely follows fashion trends. More conservative members of the stronger sex can complement the image with a tie, vest or neck scarf of this color, and the brave young men will wear a suit electric.

Cage: from small, barely noticeable for the classic suits to large and multi-colored on fabrics, used for clothing in a semi-sport and casual style.

Silk suit: to become the center of attention of others at the solemn event will help this bold choice.

Sheepskin coat: models of simple straight cut of quiet classical colors are actual: sandy, beige, chocolate.

Glasses: not alone for all occasions, but in frames and with glasses’ color corresponding to every appearance.

The stylish man’s closet

Let’s talk about what things are necessary to create topical images for any occasion:

Cotton pants. A closet for spring and summer is impossible to imagine without this element. As a must-have let’s call a sandy shade of beige, from other possible options it is worth mentioning gray, blue and other pastel tones. Such pants are perfectly combined with different items of “top”. They can be complemented by an ordinary shirt, polo shirt, cardigan or pullover.

Jeans. Well-established in everyone’s closet, they have long been recognized as a versatile piece of clothing, around which you can build any image, from classic to underground. For a basic closet need jeans classic cut and even color.

Shorts. Several pairs of different colors, made of cotton and denim, will allow you to assemble fashionable bows for outings and holidays. It is better to refuse large checks when choosing shorts, such a pattern is often used for home wear and underwear.

T-shirts and T-shirts. The owners of beautiful biceps should not hide them from the surrounding people, so they should prefer T-shirts when creating a summer image. T-shirts are a unisex thing, which is present in the closet of each person. There are a lot of options for their use and combination, from the models with background monochrome prints to combine with pants and jacket to those decorated with multicolor drawings and provocative inscriptions for going to a nightclub.

Shirt. Used as a necessary addition to a suit and as an independent element of a stylish image. Monochrome, with a faintly visible check, stripes or speckled or bright, with floral and geometric pattern – to choose a suitable version for any occasion.

Suit. As a variant for every day will suit a combination of straight slightly shortened pants and a fitted jacket. Complemented such a casual image with moccasins on bare feet. For travel, vacation, vacation you can allow a looser cut in combination with sneakers or sneakers. Shirt is not the only option: t-shirts, turtlenecks and sweaters are worn with the suit.

Jacket. One of the must-have garments in the closet of men who gravitate to the smart casual style. It can be made of printed or checkered fabric, which makes the jacket the real star of the closet. Complement the image of monochrome pants, jeans and even shorts, as well as a matching tone T-shirt and comfortable semi-sports shoes.

Sweater. An essential attribute of a stylish men’s closet should be made of fine jersey of high quality. Monochrome options are perfectly combined with a classic suit, for walks you can choose models with prints and bright accents. Pullover differs from the sweater by the presence of V – shaped cut, successfully combined with shirts or t-shirts of contrasting colors.

Cascal attributes. If there is no need to adhere to a strict dress code, the basis of a stylish image you can put an unusual cut jeans, cargo pants, sweatshirts and other clothing elements that are not related to the classic. The main thing is that they fit together and work to create a coherent look.

To look stylish and in full harmony with the surroundings is a task that can easily be solved if you have basic items in your closet, matching each other in color and materials. The main thing is for the man to feel comfortable.

7 popular styles for men

Formed on the basis of the classic European men’s suit and is a distinctive feature of people whose activities are related to business. This style is followed by the majority of employees of various corporations, officials, workers of education and science. In addition to the office and workplace, it is appropriate for business meetings, conferences, meetings of professional societies. Obligatory elements of the business image are pants with an arrow, a shirt with a tie, a jacket and classic shoes. Modern trends make adjustments even in this rather conservative style: to look fashionable helps to choose the fitted blazer, straight or narrowed pants, relevant in this season accessories.

Where to dress in office style?

To work, to meet with business partners, to visit official institutions and attend important events.

Features: Strict solid monochrome pants, relaxed-colored shirt, classic shoes. Possible vest, cardigan, respectable accessories (watch, belt, cufflinks, tie clamp).

Youth style

Popular among students and representatives of the young generation, not burdened by strict dress code requirements. At the same time it is not less demanded among the older men as a variant of clothing for weekends, vacations, entertaining trips and journeys. The youth style gives them an opportunity to take a break from the office suits, to feel free and to return for a while to the carefree years of their youth.

Where can you dress in a youthful style?

To meet your friends, on a trip out of town, for a walk.

Features: comfortable clothes and footwear without any strict requirements to styles and colors: shorts, jeans, breeches, cotton pants, T-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, sneakers, loafers, sneakers.

Brutal Style

Characteristic of people associated with typically masculine hobbies, such as bikers. But it is also suitable for all young men, striving to show through clothes their own craving for a more adventurous and restless way of life. Heavy boots, bomber jacket, heavy denim jeans – and here we’re no longer a harmless office worker, but a real brutal.

Where is appropriate to dress in this style? To meet friends, on a country trip, on a trip.

Features: Tight jeans with a classic cut and color, solid leather shoes on a thick sole, buttoned or buttoned shirt, T-shirt, cropped leather or denim jacket.

English Style

We have the British aristocracy to thank for the emergence of this informal but elegant style. Its origins lie in the traditional choice of clothing for lords and baronets for leisurely strolls around their vast estates in East Sussex or Notrefolk. Hence comfortable shoes (high boots or boots) with narrow pants tucked into them, soft checkered jackets, overcoats, scarves, gloves, and caps. For official appearances, choose a three-piece suit or a pair of jackets with a knitted vest or pullover underneath the jacket; complete the image with a bow tie and a scarf in tone in a breast pocket or a neck scarf under the shirt collar.

Where can I dress in the English style?

To business meetings, to a restaurant, to the theater. A more relaxed variant for walking and traveling.

Features: A large number of accessories: ties, neckerchiefs, suspenders, belts, bags, gloves, and all of this is necessarily of high quality.

American Style

American Style

Originated due to the love of ranchers for comfortable clothing, which does not restrict movement. It combines wide jeans, T-shirts, over them – plaid over-size shirts, comfortable shoes.

Where can you dress in this style? For a walk, to meet friends, on vacation.

Features: Denim jackets, sneakers, baseball caps complement the basic clothing items listed above.

Grunge Style

Most of all the adherents of this style among young people. This can be explained by their desire to protest against conservatism and the foundations of the adult world. There is no place for strict suits and arrows, but it welcomes layering, baggy, the use of things not for their traditional purpose (shirt at the waist, grandfather’s jacket instead of a jacket, grandmother’s shawl instead of a belt, etc.). Ripped jeans, high boots with laces, a scarf wrapped around the neck – in grunge there is a place for everything that is rejected when creating a classic image.

Where is the grunge style appropriate? In any informal environment – for a walk, a meeting with friends in a cafe.

Features: Denial of all the canons of classic style, a desire for self-expression through clothing.

Club Style

Disco, night clubs require maximum relaxation, rest from the gray everyday life, so the clothing should create an appropriate mood. You can afford something that usually does not fit into the requirements of the dress code: garish prints on t-shirts, rhinestones and sequins, bright colors and tight-fitting styles.

Where to dress in a club style? To the club, to the corporate party, to the disco, to a party with friends.

Features: Using fabrics and materials with interesting textures and colors, attracting the attention of others.

Stylish everyday looks for men

The main requirement for every day clothes is comfort. It should not deliver any unpleasant feelings. The high degree of comfort is achieved and not constraining movements styles and natural breathable materials. T-shirts, sweatshirts and sweatshirts made of cotton jersey are the basis of everyday closet.

Sport Casual

Casual style with a predominance of sportswear elements makes you feel comfortable with knitted t-shirts, baggy jeans or baggy pants, sweatshirts and oversized sweatshirts. The main trend in 2021 is layering, especially important during the cooler seasons. Complementing the image of the appropriate shoes – sneakers or sneakers.

This style is characterized by things with symbols of brands traditionally producing sportswear. And at the same time the man in the Sport Casual image does not look like he was going for a jog. This is clothing for everyday city life, for long walks, for active leisure.

Smart Casual

This style is a combination of elements of a business suit with details that emphasize the informal nature of the clothing. The jacket and pants are organically combined with sneakers and classic jeans with a jacket, shirt and tie. Pullovers and cardigans are combined with strict pants, cargos are completed with loafers, collared shirt and shortened jacket.

The main idea of Smart Casual is a partial compliance with the business dress code with an emphasis on comfort and convenience. This style is welcomed by young and ambitious companies, where the main place is given to the creation of conditions for a creative approach to work, including the appearance of the employees.

City Casual

A striking hallmark of the casual urban style are jeans. Combining them with T-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, complementing the comfortable shoes, men pick up the ideal set for walks around town, meeting with friends, going to the park or cafe. In addition to jeans are topical cotton pants of sand-colored combined with light shirts with rolled up sleeves and white sneakers, vests over T-shirts.

Layered combinations are characteristic for the cold season. A sweater over a loose-fitting shirt or a monochrome cardigan in combination with a checkered shirt and tie looks interesting. When choosing a jacket preference is given to fitted models of textured fabrics, in this style tweed jackets, aviator jackets, insulated bomber jackets and leather jackets are in demand. Include in your closet one of these things, and a stylish image for the fall for men is almost ready.

The shoes should be comfortable for long walks. These are moccasins, brogue shoes, topsiders, and chelsea boots.

Creating a stylish image for men with accessories

Talking about the importance of details, it would seem, is unnecessary, but not everyone understands how with the help of correctly selected accessories you can add the missing touches to your image.

Restraint, elegance, high quality – these are the main requirements to the articles, supplementing a man’s suit. Ties, glasses, watch, belt, wallet, pen should be stylish, made of good materials and, if possible, expensive.

You should read this!

But even with limited finances you can create the right image with the right accessories.

Pay special attention to a few points:

You can’t skimp on watches. A cheap fake will negate all your efforts to look respectable.

Jewelry should be used with care, taking into account the situation.

When choosing between precious metals, it’s better to choose platinum.

Moderation and consistency with the style is the main rule when determining the amount of jewelry.

5 accessories that will help to complete a stylish image of a man


Modern men could do without a belt, because pants are carefully tailored to the figure or sewn to order. However, the belt has long lost its main function and has become a stylish male accessory.

When choosing a belt, one tries to match his shoes, briefcase and watch strap.


The frame shape and glass color should correspond to the specific image. Glasses-aviators with blue glasses don’t suit to a strict business suit at all, but they will ideally complement a leather bomber jacket or a sweater of large knitting.


Dark colors and absence of frivolous patterns are characteristic for the men’s models. A folding version is more convenient, but an umbrella-three will suit to a business suit better.

Men’s handkerchief

This accessory is inherent in the English style. Most often it is in demand among representatives of bohemia – poets, theater directors, artists. The traditional material is silk, the most common patterns on fabric – polka dots, speckles, vegetal ornaments. Sometimes it is supplemented with the same handkerchief in a breast pocket of a jacket.

Men’s handbag

A modern man has to carry a lot of things, so the bag is an absolutely necessary accessory. The choice of its shape and volume depends on the profession, lifestyle and specific situation. An office worker may take a briefcase to work, but for a walk around town – a small backpack. A universal option is considered a messenger bag: thanks to the long strap and convenient flat shape it is convenient to carry a laptop, and a tablet, and books, as well as all the little things you need in everyday life.

Accessories can both make the image perfect and completely ruin it. It’s all about a man’s taste and his ability to emphasize the main thing. Trust your intuition, but at the same time, do not be afraid to experiment. The main thing that you feel confident and comfortable in your image.