Stylish men’s autumn

Autumn is a changeable season, it drizzles in the morning, the sun shines in the afternoon, and in the evening it freezes. Clothes for this period should not only be comfortable, they should easily transform under any weather conditions. Not a wet cape with a removable insulated lining, blowing a large jacket with unbuttonable sleeves, double-collar leather – fashion industry has invented many tricks to make the owners of outerwear feel comfortable with a sharp change in temperature.

Men’s fashion Autumn-Winter 2020-2021

The ideal friend for a man at this time of year will be a trench. This year, beige in any shade or black will fit into a trendy closet. The classic version is up to the middle of the knee. But be guided by your height, you can take a shorter model if you are not tall, or longer if your height is much higher than average. Leather, suede, polyester – choose for you!

If you buy a model of demi season clothing, which quickly turns from warm to light and breathable could not, you can choose a multi-layered set. This year we choose these options in monochrome, playing with the texture of fabric. In fashion corduroy and velvet, drape, leather, wool. Color: dark blue, black, burgundy, green emerald, lime, mustard, beige.

For lovers of denim things – a denim jacket and a men’s coat can be a good combination. Such a multilayer version will be good with a shirt, a thin sweater, and even with a T-shirt. Do not forget about this year’s trendy cage. Caged men’s coat is a squeak of fashion!

From the 70’s came back laying free sweaters with print, you can choose models with funny applications, exotic or asymmetrical patterns. The high gates are back in trend. This autumn men can wear a thin knitted or woollen turtleneck, or a warm sweater with a large knitting. Just as good will be a sweater with a free round gate.

Men of large sizes

Those whose size has gone beyond the 60th manufacturers recommend to choose the outerwear that does not give volume. Shortened blown down jackets and down jackets, which have become fashionable this year, are better left for slim representatives of the strong sex. But straight, medium-length loose-fitting jackets and coats with large buttons are just for the modern heroes.

If you are a fan of leather 2021 – your year! Cushion, leather pilot or sheepskin in this season at the peak of popularity. Such clothes will emphasize the status of the owner and will be a good companion in the cold season.

But remember, in order not to offer modern fashion industry, the first place manufacturers still put quality, comfort and functionality of their models. Therefore, choosing men’s outerwear, the first thing we focus on these three important points.