Sugar negative effect on sperm proven

Sweets in large quantities do not have the best effect on men’s health, scientists have found. Swedish experts experimentally proved the relationship between sugar abuse and sperm quality and also gave recommendations on how to improve it.

The fact that sugar is bad for men’s health, scientists have noticed before. Thus, experiments on rodents and drosophila flies have shown that if male eats too much sweet food, his offspring have an increased risk of obesity.

Experts from the University of Linköping decided to find out for sure how a passion for such delicacies affects the reproductive function of men.

For this purpose, they invited 15 active young people without bad habits to participate in the study, which lasted 2 weeks. For the first 7 days the men followed a healthy diet recommended by the Scandinavian nutritionists. In the second week, sugar was added to this balanced healthy menu.

Every day the participants had to eat 3.5 liters of sweet carbonated water or 450 g of confectionery products.

Throughout the experiment, the researchers compared the quality of the volunteers’ ejaculate. At the beginning, one third of them had a low sperm rate. As a result of 7 days of proper nutrition, the indicators improved. But after the second week, everyone had low sperm motility.

Scientists believe that thanks to nutrition, it is possible to both visibly worsen and improve men’s health. In addition, it affects his lifestyle: important physical activity, lack of bad habits.