Suits for men-2022: for weddings, outings and offices

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11 final tips for choosing a fashionable men’s suit

Suits for men 2022 are classics, but with their own twist. First, to the classic colors (gray, blue) added a few more: burgundy, green. Secondly, in fashion is not just a business suit, but a suit of a particular style – English, triplets, casual.

Famous designers offered so many ideas that any man can find a fashionable variant for himself – for graduation party, wedding, walk with friends in a club, a trip to the office. In the pursuit of fashion the main thing is not to go too much, so as not to fall into the anti-trends of 2022.

9 fashionable styles of suits for men in 2022

Men’s clothing styles are not as diverse as women’s, but are universal in their composition. Designers show models for celebrations, business meetings and negotiations, walks and sports.

In 2022, suits for men are available in the following variations:

The classic suit-double is found in the closet of almost every member of the strong sex. Traditionally dark in color, the jacket is single-breasted, with two or three buttons and rectangular lapels. The preference does not depend on the current fashion trends, age and complexion.

Jackets are straight and fitted, depending on the cut. Straight cut suits everyone, it perfectly hides any figure features. In contrast, a fitted jacket emphasizes elegance and slimness, so it can be worn only by the owners of an ideal physique.

Double-breasted jacket. It features two rows of buttons, which makes it similar to an officer’s tunic. Pointed lapels of the jacket soften the official style. It is preferable for tall thin men.

A three piece suit gives its owner respectability and charm. For the jacket, pants and vest the same fabric is used.

English style is a classic suit for men in 2022. The simple cut, traditional color, elegance of the silhouette attract the eyes. Slightly elongated fitted jacket with straight shoulders, reinforced with shoulder pads, gives the figure of any man an aristocratic posture.

Men who are used to following fashion, but do not want to sacrifice the comfort of clothing choose the suit in the style of casual. The mix of classic and casual allows a bold experimentation with color, texture and accessories, creating a stylish and elegant image.

Club wear is usually preferred by young people, frequenters of fashionable parties and nightclubs. At such events skinny pants and a shortened jacket in bright colors look quite organic.

Wearing sports clothes you can go to the gym, go for a jog or for a walk with the kids. Comfortable fit, a variety of styles, soft jersey or polyester provide comfort in everyday life.

Adult people are unlikely to choose cropped pants, although it is a fashion trend. But young people gladly wear such, complementing them with high boots or bright socks.

Fabrics for men’s suits are not only produced in monochrome; plaid or stripe is firmly taken its place in the business image of the man, and the shallower the pattern, the more elegant the businessman looks. To tailor fashionable suits for men 2021, designers offer such non-standard fabrics as velvet, corduroy, silk, velour and leather.

Trends and materials of suits for men-2022

The versatility of classic styles is proven by time – they are always at the peak of fashion. But comfort today has become a vital principle, so the convenience of clothing comes forward, more free cutting is welcomed. Designers are promoting double-breasted jackets in familiar shades.

For those who follow fashion, we suggest a few more topical trends:

layering is welcomed in clothes;

Sweaters and turtlenecks with high necks are replacing the traditional shirt in business attire;

jackets became noticeably shorter;

The color scheme acquired unusual for men shades – purple, turquoise, coral, fuchsia;

Monochrome fabrics are giving way to elegant prints in small stripes or checks.

Men’s fashion today allows combining different colors, fabrics with different textures in one suit. The main thing is to find your own style, and not to blindly copy fashion trends.

The right choice of material plays a leading role when buying a suit. Immediately discard models made of cheap fabric – they are impractical and do not provide a presentable appearance. Experts recommend choosing fabrics depending on the season, age, and whether the model will be casual or fancy suit for a wedding, for example:

For winter colds, 100 percent wool is best, for example, merino or cashmere.

A tweed suit is as elegant as an English gentleman. This fabric is chosen by wealthy men who know their worth. In addition, tweed does not require special care, does not lose its appearance for a long time and is quite warm.

Denim is a discovery of the 20th century, which successfully migrated to the next century. Denim clothes are worn by everyone, regardless of age, complexion and social status. It’s comfortable and practical.

Do not think that velvet and velour remained in the outfits of the medieval nobility. Modern representatives of the stronger sex, with a certain courage and uncommon taste, can afford to flaunt even in suits for weddings for men-2022 from these fabrics.

Want to stand out from the crowd – wear a suit of suede and leather. You will definitely be remembered.

Casual and sports suits of soft jersey, convenient and comfortable to wear, conquered the hearts of men of different ages and complexion.

Linen is popular in summer. It is a nice absorbent material, which is comfortable even in a strong heat.

Cotton summer suits are also very popular due to the softness and wearability of the material.

Blended fabrics are preferable for everyday wear.

Why classics are always in fashion

Classics and fashion are not competitors. Classic models are always in fashion, as a man in such clothes always looks confident, stylish and appropriate in any situation. Original accessories and additional details, chosen with taste and in the theme of the upcoming event, make this model versatile.

A two-piece suit is the most common type. Most men wear a single-breasted jacket to the face, they look confident and solid. Classic suit is easy to fit in size, and the individual fit to the figure peculiarities can be made in the atelier.

The clothes must be made of quality fabric to keep its appearance for a long time. Good quality expensive material is the best thing that stylists can advise when choosing a fabric for a stylish suit. Usually it is wool with an addition of silk or linen threads.

A jacket and pants made of such material will retain a presentable appearance for a long time, pleasing the owner with a comfortable feeling while wearing it. Synthetics is much cheaper, which makes the clothes sewn from it available to people with low incomes. But the quality of these things is noticeably lower. Classic suits owe their wide distribution to a strict range of colors of the material from which they mainly sew.

For a casual style bright colors and their unusual combinations are typical. The classics are characterized by a strong tradition and are painted in calm restrained tones, among which the most common are gray and blue. This allows a man in a classic suit to look stylish in all circumstances. The image is successfully complemented by light blue, gray and purple shirts.

A strict dress code is helped by black suits with a white shirt. They are suitable for any festive event, such wedding suits for men are simply indispensable and go with any bride’s dress. In the warm season it is preferable to change to beige or brown colors of the suit, but when choosing should be careful, guided by your own taste and sense of proportion.

Fashionable colors of men’s suits

Men for the most part are conservative in their habits and when buying a new suit choose one of the basic colors – gray, blue or black. There is nothing strange about it, because it is a classic, which is well perceived by others and is always appropriate.

True, such a choice is boring. No one will ever notice if your closet from year to year is replenished only with dark-gray models. If you want to stand out with the new clothes – do not be afraid to experiment. Only when your appearance will change, you can count on the attention of others.

Bright colors impose special restrictions on the appropriateness of the suit in a particular situation, so it is unlikely to come to the office or a business meeting. But if you are going to a party with friends, presentation of a new project, exhibition of your best friend or if you just want to change your image, then you should listen to our recommendations.

Cream (light, but not white) suits

Choosing this color involves a lot of risk, because it does not suit everyone. But if you are among the chosen ones and bought a suit that fits you like a glove, your appearance will not go unnoticed.

The light color in a suit can be fully present, when the shirt, shoes and accessories are chosen in tone with it. Or only the top will be white and the bottom will remain classic black or dark blue.

It’s a simple tip, but don’t forget what kind of event you’re going to. Cream color will sound dissonant at a formal meeting, but will be quite appropriate for a summer party.Clothes in light colors are more suitable for sunny warm days. If you want to become irresistible during a vacation at a prestigious resort, complement your outfit with a shirt with a swinging Cuban collar, light leather shoes and stylish sunglasses.

Green Suits

After the glut of black and blue suits, eyes rest on the color green. It’s not bright shades of spring grass, but a deep calm dark green tone. It perfectly combines with items of clothing of neutral shades, which are always plentiful in a man’s closet. For today, this is the best choice for a stylish image.

But still green is not a classic, so this suit is better to wear with a plain white T-shirt and black shoes.

Bordeaux suits

The desire to become conspicuous can push a man to a burgundy-colored suit. A deep and pleasant shade tones the skin, and even a simple cut looks quite respectable and solid.

Bordeaux suits are well combined with a white shirt and a dark blue tie. Representatives of fashion houses recommend to replace white color with other light shades, for example, to wear a bright pink men’s shirt.

Suits in pastel colors

The spring-summer season is the best time for light-colored models that look attractive and stylish. Clothes for men in the color of vanilla ice cream were very popular and were produced by many global manufacturers.

Shades of pink, pistachio, blue remain in the trend every time, a great addition to them will be light shirts, T-shirts and comfortable sneakers.

Brown suits

For many years it was thought that it was the lot of older men to wear brown jackets. But the turn of designers towards the 1970s brought this color back to the runway, answering the question of what suits are in fashion 2022 for men. True, fashion designers complemented brown clothes with some details: extra buttons, top pockets, geometric print. Leather shoes, voluminous scarves and other accessories are designed to emphasize the individual style.

5 cool options for men’s bow

A man in a properly chosen suit is always irresistible. A woman will definitely pay attention to him, noting his good taste and confident look. The everlasting proven classics will be a win-win variant in any circumstances. Supported by the properly selected clothes and accessories, it will provide a man with a whole image.


A man feels free and confident in the clothes of this style. A variety of styles, colors and fabrics is allowed here. A simple cut jacket in combination with straight or wide pants provides a comfortable state throughout the day. For a suit in the style of cajoling is characterized by a difference in color between the top and bottom. If a strict dress-code is not established at work, then in this form you can go not only on a date, but also in the office.

In everyday style, the shirt with a tight tie can be successfully replaced with a turtleneck, sweater or t-shirt. Comfortable shoes, branded watches, glasses and men’s bag will give the image completeness and individual style.


Only a classic model of the usual suit cloth or tweed is allowed here. The traditional dark colors can be diluted with a small check or stripes.

Shirt only in solid colors – white, cream or blue. The presence of a tie is obligatory. The model is chosen in the tone of the suit, the width could be different. To the fashionable business suit for men-2022 will suit classic shoes or boots. The usual accessories – a watch, belt, breastplate – will complete the creation of the image.


It is accepted to come to a formal celebration in a classic suit of simple cut. In 2022, the evening jacket has a fitted cut and narrow lapels. It may differ in color from the pants. Young people do not tolerate uniformity, so they often prefer a more modern style, choosing a fabric with unusual colors and textures. The image of the graduate is composed of a fashionable suit-double, complemented by a tie, a watch and stylish shoes.


Young people quite easily put on a classic jacket with jeans, and an ordinary T-shirt – with straight pants. The most common style among young people is street casual. This comfortable kind of street clothes implies a comfortable wide cut, which does not restrict the movement, non-wearable fabrics of practical color. The most fashionable shades are navy blue or chocolate.

Youth and sports are inseparable. Sports suits of jersey, nylon, polyester are comfortable and very popular. Sweatshirt, bomber, sweatshirt, windbreaker combine well with straight or skinny pants, cuffed models, and complete sets with sneakers or sneakers.


As there are two main characters in the wedding celebration, their images should be in harmony with each other. Therefore, the suit should not only be fashionable, but also match the bride’s outfit. Traditionally, a classic model of dark-colored fabric is chosen, but the top may vary from an ordinary jacket to an elegant tailcoat. In summer, light-colored suits that harmonize with the romantic image of the bride are relevant. Wedding suits for men 2022 for photos are more often complemented by a smart bow tie and classic shoes.

No less interesting trends in men’s fashion-2022


Military style men’s suit is back on the catwalks. To sew a set on the type of military uniform mostly fabrics in green, emerald, khaki, brown or chocolate are used.

Fashion designers offer combined versions with many decorative flaps, pockets, in the form of a camouflage suit.

On the podium there were models both in classic suits and asymmetric jackets, made in patchwork technique. Some couturiers based the cut on strict symmetry in the form of patches, while others used pieces of fabric of different sizes in a chaotic arrangement.


Knitwear always attracts attention. In such clothes, a man looks native and homely. In addition, they are always warm. Their style is made by voluminous large knitting and very long sleeves. Among the knitwear is very fashionable style oversize – dimensionless sweaters and sweaters, voluminous patterned jackets look great in combination with straight pants.

Floral motifs

If women took the pants from men’s closet, the representatives of the stronger sex decided to borrow a floral print in return. As a result, it turned out that daisies and roses are suitable not only for ladies. Included in a certain dose in the men’s suit, floral print will give an image of extravagance, emphasize originality and style. Floristic motifs are acceptable on the collar of a shirt or jacket, a shawl with such a pattern may peep out of the breast pocket of a business suit.

Three-dimensional vests

Initially the vest was part of the classic three-piece suit. But in the 2022 season, fashion designers let it loose, offering it as an independent piece of men’s clothing. Vests became more voluminous, textured. Everyone can wear them according to their own concepts of convenience, comfort and style.

As an example, fashion designers suggest combining them with a t-shirt or putting them on the bare body. Your closet should have several oversize vests of different colors and textures that you will have to learn how to wear. Check out vintage stores, you can find a lot of interesting things there.

Long scarves

Unlike last year, when bright leather gloves were in fashion, the season autumn-winter-2022 brings into trend long knitted scarves. The longer the product, the more stylish the man will look. The variety of models allows you to choose the most suitable for yourself from the options: in black and white check, stripes, length to the middle of the knee and others.

According to designers, the scarf should match the outerwear and hat, it can be combined not only with a sweatshirt, sweater or sweater, but also with a strict suit.

Antitrends-2022 of men’s fashion

And now for tips on what clothes should be removed from the closet as soon as possible. They are completely out of fashion.

Two types of men’s pants – oversize and tight – designers have decisively removed, although there are not many models for men as it is.

Gone are the suits made of velvet, reminiscent of theatrical drapes.

For a long time already no one comes to a nightclub in a shirt with sequins – it’s an obvious anti-trend.

Black monochrome in clothes looks very gloomy, it’s better to refresh it with bright accessories.

Acidic shades of bright colors are completely a thing of the past not only in men’s but also in women’s fashion.

Although leather cropped jackets still look like new, it’s time to hang them in the far corner.

11 brief tips for choosing a men’s suit:

The shoulders of the jacket should match yours exactly. It is easy to make sure of this by a tight fit, absence of creases on the fabric and unnecessary volume.

The length of the jacket in fashionable men’s suits-2022 should coincide with the middle of the buttocks.

The shirt cuff reaches the base of the thumb and at the same time looks out from under the sleeve of the jacket only 1-2 cm.

Pants should not lie on the floor or hang down at the ankles, but slightly cover the top edge of the shoes.

A jacket with two buttons is the most common model, suitable for most men of different complexities.

Jacket with one button is a distinctive detail of the modern slim fit suits.

The bottom button on the jacket and vest should always be unbuttoned.

Traditionally the jacket is sewn with two slits, but for a fitted style one slit is more suitable.

The fabric should be chosen correctly. Blended fabrics will be suitable for everyday wear, wool looks good at business meetings, linen is indispensable for summer men’s suits for weddings.

To diversify your appearance, consider buying a second pair of pants to the jacket, perhaps in a contrasting color.

“English collar” is good in daily affairs, sharp lapels will emphasize the appearance in a special case.

It is necessary to look fashionable at any time, regardless of what is happening in the world – quarantine, financial crisis or complete idyll in the economy and politics. But this does not mean that you have to spend your last money in search of a brand.

Where it’s worth investing the big bucks is in the purchase of an expensive classic suit. A quality piece will last you at least five years, helping out in any circumstance.

In addition to the suit in your closet should be present a few regular shirts, at least three shirts, one more classic pants, except suit pants, and simple street pants. This is a necessary men’s clothing set. Everything else is your taste and your ability to combine these things together. It is best if, buying an update, you think in advance how and with what it can be worn. Then to maintain your image you will not have to spend extra money.