Summer men’s shoes

Choosing shoes in the summer is a difficult question, especially with our changeable climate. If it’s cool in the morning, sunny and hot in the afternoon, and in the evening, it may begin to rain (or may not start), then what should you leave the house? With clothes, you can solve the problem with an additional layer – a jacket or a light jacket – and what to do with shoes? In addition, no one has canceled the working dress code and the need to look appropriate in various situations, which further complicates the task. Well, let’s try to figure it out. Today we look at the different types of summer men’s shoes and what, where, and how to wear it better.

General rules for choosing summer shoes

The most important rule for choosing shoes for the summer is as follows: the foot must breathe, otherwise you run the risk of spending the whole day sweating and rubbing corns. In the summer, as a rule, we move and walk more, so the question is really important. How to solve it?

Summer shoes should be not only stylish, but also light and comfortable.

It is not necessary to rush to buy sandals and slippers: open men’s shoes have their own specifics, which we will discuss below, and are not always the most convenient option. Shoes may be closed, but from breathable materials, pay attention to this. That is, either genuine leather or suede, or textiles. A good solution can be perforation, fabric inserts. The most important thing is to avoid closed shoes made of artificial materials, creating the effect of a greenhouse, especially in the case of long walks in the heat.

Summer shoes

Let’s start with the most formal option – summer shoes. If your summer is spent in the office with a strict dress code, then the shoes will not differ too much from off-season: oxfords, derby, monks, loafers – various varieties of classic men’s models that combine with a business suit. However, there are still some differences in summer shoes, and the main thing is material.

For the hot season, choose shoes made of leather and suede in light shades. The material should be natural to facilitate air exchange, and as soft as possible so that the shoes do not rub their feet when worn. Pay attention to models with perforation or woven leather: they will not violate the dress code, but will be less hot.

Moccasins and boatsiders

For less formal situations where smart casual style is appropriate, in the summer moccasins and boat shoes are suitable.

Moccasins – shoes made of soft leather or suede with a thin sole and decorative elements in the form of a fringe, tassels, jumpers, etc. Topsiders are distinguished by a thicker corrugated sole and the presence of lacing, so that the shoes hold more firmly on the foot.

Both of these shoe models fit well with everyday looks. They are combined with chinos, tucked up jeans, summer jackets made of cotton and linen, shirts, blazers, etc. According to generally accepted fashion rules, moccasins and boat shoes are worn on a bare foot. But in fact, there is a secret: if you want your shoes to look longer, just buy special short socks-sneakers that will not be visible.


Summer is the best season for men’s sports shoes. Sneakers and sneakers are great for long walks, trips, any outdoor events, and modern fashion allows you to combine them with a wide variety of clothes: from a T-shirt with shorts to cotton trousers and a sports jacket.

When choosing sports shoes for the hot season, again, you should pay attention to the material. Sneakers for the summer are better to choose from textiles, but not from leather, and in the case of sneakers – make sure that the model has fabric breathable inserts.

Slip on

Another model of summer men’s shoes at the junction of sports and everyday style is slip-ons. They, like sneakers, have a smooth rubber sole and sit tight on the foot, but instead of laces on this shoe are rubber inserts.

Slip-ons can be different: from canvas slippers with white or braided-soled soles that are suitable for relaxing at sea, to discreet monophonic leather models that may well become everyday city shoes.

Slip-ons can be different: from canvas slippers with white or braided-soled soles that are suitable for relaxing at sea, to discreet monophonic leather models that may well become everyday city shoes.

The most convenient option for men’s sandals is the textile or leather models in a sports style, which are tightly fastened to the foot by adjusting the Velcro closures. They are great for outdoor activities at sea, in the mountains, in the country, etc. It is best to combine these sandals with shorts.

For the city, leather sandals from wide straps will be a better option. They can be worn both with shorts and with loose summer trousers made of natural materials, such as linen.


And finally, the most informal version of summer men’s shoes is slippers. They are most comfortable in the summer heat, but have a number of limitations. Slippers are not fixed on the leg in any way, so they should not drive a car, take a long walk (especially in the forest or mountains), and indeed they are best suited for a relaxing beach holiday, but not for everyday life in the city.

Slippers can be made from one wide or several narrow strips of leather or fabric. It is advisable that the material is not too hard, otherwise the shoes may rub when worn.

Do not forget that slippers, even expensive ones and with the logo of a famous brand, are far from relevant everywhere

Some models, which are also called flip flops, have a jumper between the thumb and forefinger. If you are buying such shoes for the first time, be sure to try it on at home before going on vacation to make sure that you are comfortable in them.


Summer in the Russian climate is a season always full of surprises. But whatever the weather, this is the time when you want more lightness and brightness. Fortunately, modern fashion offers a large selection of men’s summer shoes that match different styles and weather. Soft suede loafers, bright print sneakers or leather sandals – you are sure to find a model that will look stylish and feel as comfortable as possible.