Summer Things to Do: 202 Summer To-Do List

How do you make this the best summer you’ve ever had in your whole life? You have to make it rich, bright, interesting, exciting, fun, breakaway, and just unforgettable. What does a teenager or an adult need to do for sure this summer? Especially for you, we’ve compiled a list of fun activities for summer that you can try to make it awesome. It will not be boring! Bored this summer by yourself, with your friends, girlfriend or with someone?

Not sure how to spend a weekend, evening, vacation or vacation this summer? What to do this summer? We’ve made a list that you can do without your friends or vice versa with them. You can do the list with a friend, or find one while doing a summer fun list. You can do these things in the city or even in the countryside, though not all can fit. You certainly won’t be bored if you do all these things. How long does summer last?

Summer lasts for three months: June, July, and August. That makes a whole 92 days, which can be called a whole era part of your life. Sometimes we call summer a little life, because there can be a lot going on, especially when we’re not sitting at home. Summer is only 92 days, so you should make them unforgettable. You’ll only have 80-90 years in your life.

What can I do this summer? What interesting things to do in summer?

“There is something beautiful in summer, and with summer the beautiful in us” Sergey Aleksandrovich Yesenin

We all love summer since childhood, when there were summer vacations for three whole months. Now we have vacations, but this makes us love summer more. What to do in the summer to make it forever remembered as a cool summer of 2021, 2022, 2023 or any other year?

These memories will warm your soul for a long time to come. Keep the list, because you will definitely need it this summer, or maybe next summer. A list of summer activities that you should definitely do.

1. Be outdoors every day and walk around at least a little.

2. Take a trip to a faraway land to enjoy your vacation.

3. Ride a bicycle to interesting places.

4. Sit on the summer veranda, have fun and drink delicious drinks.

5. Go for a hike to enjoy spending time in nature and dive into the world of hiking.

6. Meet the sunset in pleasant company, having fun on summer days.

7. Go to St. Petersburg to admire the white nights and draw bridges, and then stay there.

8. Have a romantic evening with my other half.

9. Take lots of pictures, selfies, and videos of how you’re spending your summer.

10. Sit around a campfire, barbecue kebabs and sing songs with a guitar.

11. Watch fireworks, which are often set off in the summer.

12. Start jogging in the morning, getting into a more athletic shape.

13. To eat strawberries, cherries, peaches, watermelons.

14. there are many interesting games which the whole group can play in the summertime in the open air. Volleyball, basketball, soccer, badminton, Frisbee.

15. Feed the ducks and squirrels in the park.

16. Buy a new thing for your summer closet, or even better several.

17. Run a marathon or half marathon.

18. Looking at the stars and constellations with the other half, taking a blanket and wine.

19. Become a blogger this summer by starting to shoot for YouTube or TikTok.

20. Take a swim in a river, lake, sea or whole ocean.

21. Collect a bouquet of field lights and give it to the other half.

22. To spend 24 hours without the phone: calls and the Internet.

23. Walk barefoot in the rain, enjoying the summer.

24. Getting a tan along my bikini line or even completely.

25. Having a good drink and relaxing this summer.

26. Read a book somewhere in nature or on a park bench.

27. Go to a cool party to go out all night.

28. Bring coffee to bed in the very early summer morning to my beloved other half.

29. to play board games.

30. Falling in love with someone by finding a new love.

31. To jump into the water from a running start, but in a checked place.

32. Go to a movie at night in pleasant company.

33. Bake or eat a cake.

34. Take a walk somewhere new.

35. Having philosophical conversations with someone all evening or night.

36. To write a poem to my other half.

37. Swim in the fountain or at least get my feet wet.

38. Go on a fishing trip to catch fish and cook real fish soup, not forgetting the vodka.

39. Go to the spa or arrange it at home.

40. Ride a catamaran, boat, sailboat, yacht, motor ship or cruise liner.

41. Fly a kite or a Chinese sky lantern.

42. Celebrate the national holiday of the East Slavs Ivan Kupala, as well as jumping over a bonfire.

43. To get a new hairstyle or dye hair this summer.

44. To spend a few days out of town at the cottage or in the countryside.

45. Have a professional summer photo shoot.

46. To visit 5 different cities this summer.

47. To sunbathe naked in the summer sun.

48. To attend concerts of my favorite artists.

49. To find a part-time job this summer, so that I have money for entertainment.

50. Climb on the roof of a tall house to admire a beautiful view.

51. Spend more time with my family and loved ones.

52. Read 3 to 6 books over the summer to learn something interesting or to have fun during the summer days.

53. Dance to laughter this summer in different places and at different events.

54. Go rollerblading, skateboarding, or scooting.

55. Participate in a flash mob or challange and then make a video.

56. Getting doused in water or shooting each other with water pistols.

57. Walking all night in the city until the morning and then walking home.

58. Giving someone a wonderful gift spontaneously.

59. Create a summer music playlist.

60. What can I do this summer without friends? Meet new people and make new friends.

61. Sleeping in the fresh air to experience summer for real.

62. Climb a tree and look down on the world, just like when I was a kid.

63. To go to an apartment party, a flatshop or a sleepover.

64. Bake potatoes or sausages on the fire.

65. To run through the grass or a field of flowers, enjoying the summer.

66. Going to a picnic or barbecue with a merry group to have a good time there.

67. To invite friends to visit and to go visit someone.

68. Go on an excursion to a place I have never been.

69. Go on a swing and fool around in the yard.

70. Going on rides in the park, not forgetting the Ferris wheel.

71. Dressing provocatively, going out.

72. To give or receive a bouquet of flowers to your mate.

73. Going to a hen party or a bachelor party.

74. Go kayaking on the river this summer, because you’ve wanted to do that for a long time.

75. To lose an extra five or even ten pounds for the summer.

76. What to do this summer when you’re bored? Attend as many summer open-air events as possible.

77. Visiting distant relatives.

78. Take hot and cold showers, which are easier to start in the summer, especially when the hot water is off.

79. Sing a serenade under my girlfriend’s window this summer.

80. To sunbathe on the beach, admiring girls in bikinis or without, and then getting acquainted.

81. Go to the ice palace to skate.

82. Build a sand castle somewhere on the bank of a river or sea.

83. To get a tattoo, temporary tattoo or mehendi (body painting with henna) this summer.

84. Make jam, or at least buy it.

85. Play card games: poker, solitaire and others. You can with friends or with a girlfriend to undress.

86. Gather forest berries or mushrooms to go back to childhood for a while.

87. To lie on a blanket somewhere in nature and admire the clouds, wondering what they are like.

88. Learn to drink more water.

89. Make a wish list of things you should do this summer.

90. Admire a beautiful view from a bridge somewhere, and maybe make out there.

91. Having a drink with someone on a brotherhood.

92. To eat ice cream, cotton candy, popcorn, corn right outside.

93. Getting to know people of the opposite sex on the street, or maybe just picking them up.

94. Seeing a shooting star at night and then making a wish.

95. Be sure to use sunscreen and creams in general.

96. Weave twigs of wildflowers.

97. Find a new hobby or hobby this summer.

98. See a rainbow this summer and take a picture.

99. Eating summer dishes, from okroshka to potatoes and mushrooms.

100. Go to the Holi color festival.

101. Do some crazy thing this summer that I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

102. Throw out everything unnecessary from home and life, starting a new life this summer.

103. Having fun with friends all night partying at a cool party.

104. To have a pet by taking a stray cat or dog from the shelter.

105. 105. Try orienteering this summer.

106. Come home in the morning on the brow.

107. Go to the oceanarium, zoo, or contact zoo.

108. To flirt, flirt, and chat pleasantly with the opposite sex.

109. To socialize more and go out with friends to fully immerse myself in summer.

110. To play different games on the beach with a big group and just have fun.

111. Drink right from the morning alcohol, as if you were an aristocrat, as Papanov said.

112. To smile at strangers, and to meet a stranger.

113. Go to the shooting gallery and shoot at targets with something.

114. Get a massage or give someone a massage.

115. Get rid of some bad habits this summer.

116. Get a couple of good habits this summer that will be useful.

117. To hug a tree in the woods, gaining strength and energy.

118. Participate in some kind of competition or contest, which are often organized in the summer.

119. To blow soap bubbles, to draw on the pavement with crayons, or to jump in the classics.

120. Getting in the car and tearing off wherever you want to go by trying car camping.

121. Eat pizza, sushi, and everything delicious this summer.

122. Get out to a flea market or flea market to find something unusual there.

123. Learn to play the guitar or harmonica this summer.

124. Work in the garden, in the cottage or in the garden, helping your parents or grandparents.

125. What to do this summer? Go to absolutely all interesting activities this summer.

126. To take pictures of a summer thunderstorm or get caught in one.

127. Pick any summer day and then be lazy and do nothing.

128. Shouting somewhere in the woods or off a cliff with all my heart.

129. To walk barefoot on the grass or ground.

130. To lie in a hammock somewhere in nature.

131. Learn cool tricks or stunts to show your friends.

132. Complete some educational courses.

133. Go on a summer hunt or just admire the animals.

134. Go to a boy scout or pioneer summer camp.

135. Learn to dance by watching videos on YouTube.

136. To learn a craft by doing something with my own hands.

137. Feeding street animals.

138. Go on lots of dates, getting to know each other through the Internet and dating apps.

139. Help your parents or relatives.

140. Learn to surf, windsurf, wakesurf or kitesurf.

141. Ducking from a bungee cord or trying another extreme sport this summer.

142. Buy something from Ikea for the summer stuff.

143. Take the train, train or bus somewhere.

144. Go to someone’s wedding this summer, or maybe have my own.

145. To say yes to people’s suggestions, because it might be something interesting.

146. Make a refreshing cocktail, or maybe make up your own.

147. To try rock climbing this summer.

148. To rest in entertainment centers.

149. Meet and get together as a large family.

150. Fitness in nature.

151. To do something kind and good without compensation.

152. To try different kinds of beer and other alcoholic beverages.

153. Start eating more fresh fruits and vegetables.

154. Watch a new show or an interesting program.

155. Write your own story or article. 156. To learn how to cook something new.

157. Improve my foreign language skills a little by talking to tourists.

158. To play with friends in different team games: catch-up, hide-and-seek, capture the flag.

159. Have an unloading day by refusing from food, consuming only drinks.

160. Watering each other with a hose or running under the sprinkler across the clearing, getting completely wet.

161. Play twister in nature, going on a picnic with the whole company.

162. Start going to the gym to get in shape.

163. Take a risk this summer by trying something desired and unusual.

164. Going shopping and shopping malls, carried away by shopaholism.

165. Spending more time this summer with my children or nephews.

166. Go to the farmer’s market to buy good produce.

167. Make a Hollywood smile, visit the doctors, a beautician, or get plastic surgery.

168. Explore better the sights of your city or someone else’s.

169. On August 14, celebrate Honey Save to try pancakes, buns, and pies.

170. Go to any summer festival and then have a blast there.

171. Make a feeder for birds or other wild animals.

172. Go to church.

173. Show friendliness to the people around me.

174. Feed the homeless or help with things. Do good things this summer.

175. Learn to do a handstand or do somersaults.

176. Make a pyramid of stones (latza, troll) in a beautiful place to make a wish.

177. To start a collection of something.

178. To gain some useful skill.

179. To attend a free event this summer.

180. What should I do this summer? Hitchhike somewhere.

181. Go on a walking tour.

182. Learn to draw on paper or a tablet.

183. Grow my own vegetable garden this summer.

184. Make a time capsule that you will dig up in 5 or 50 years.

185. Find an interesting new blogger and subscribe to him.

186. Go to any parade, and maybe even participate in one.

187. Create an interesting opportunity this summer.

188. Get manicures, pedicures, and other beauty services all summer long.

189. Learn more about my family history by making a genealogical tree.

190. Try scuba diving and see the beauty of the water world.

191. Attend a wine tasting to learn a little bit more about the history of alcohol.

192. To swim naked at night in the company of the other half.

193. Go horseback riding to learn how to ride a horse on horseback.

194. Bowling, billiards, tennis.

195. Meditate and relax somewhere in nature.

196. To be a volunteer this summer, bringing good into the world.

197. Collecting beautiful seashells, pebbles, or other such things.

198. Go to the botanical gardens to admire and take lots of beautiful photos.

199. Go for a ride on an aquabike, banana, or other water stuff.

200. Start doing something I’ve never done, but have always dreamed of doing.

201. Smiling, laughing, having fun, and being optimistic more often.

202. To learn to appreciate every summer day and night.

What else do you think you can do this summer? This list of summer activities is definitely not complete, because you can think of much more and better. The most important thing is to make summer unforgettable. Summer is a small and small, but bright life. Have fun, have fun, relax and enjoy life.