Switzerland to launch its first robotic vertical farm in 2020

This year, Switzerland plans to launch the first robotic vertical farm, developed by Growcer in collaboration with Migros.

This was reported on the website of Migros.

As noted, the machines will do all the work of sowing, irrigation and harvesting. Production chambers are hermetically sealed from the environment, so plants can be grown year-round without the use of soil and pesticides and with less than 90% water consumption.

“Many countries, Switzerland is dependent on imports. At Growcer, we address this by steadily producing local products. In addition, pesticides have a bad impact on the population and nature. This problem can be solved by refusing to use them, ”said Marcel Florian, CEO of Growcer AG.

Due to the fact that the landing pallets can be stacked in shelves, the area of ​​400 m² will accommodate about 1000 m² of acreage, the company added.

“Vertical farming has become a trend that meets the demand for more sustainable production methods. Working with Growcer gives us the opportunity to invest in an innovative and forward-looking project,” said Rene Lori, Head of Migros Supermarketing in Basel.