Take everything from life: how to break down barriers

In the harsh realities of modern life, sometimes the only escape seems to be an opportunity to shut yourself away somewhere in a small, dark room, so that no one touches you. Is this really the life you dreamed of as a child? No, my friend. That kind of feeling tells me that somewhere you took a wrong turn. The truth is, the world doesn’t have to be limited to work, family, and endless responsibilities. Each of us also has a number of rights. If you forget about them, then life will seem like a living hell. But how do you get the taste for it back, if there’s nothing but apathy in your soul? Does it seem to you that existence is all about despondency and endless “I owe it” to everyone and everything? Fortunately, it’s not all that bad. If you want to remember every moment with gratitude, take everything from life. And I’m ready to give you some tips to improve your sad situation.

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Stand up for yourself

Allow a healthy selfishness

Give in to your weaknesses

Follow your dreams

Make useful connections

Love yourself

Break bad habits


Learn a foreign dialect

Don’t be afraid of change

Stop being patient

Let your emotions flow

Express yourself

Spend money wisely and without regret

Stand up for what you think

It’s time to put an end to the constant agreement with everyone you meet. Do you know why your work is not satisfying and why your career growth is something beyond the clouds and from a parallel universe? You’re just constantly drifting along, letting other people run your life. Here are some great opportunities to prove to everyone around you, including management, that you have your own opinions that should also be listened to: Don’t be afraid to speak up in a meeting. While you’re silent, others are showing their concern for the common cause. Even if you think your opinion is wrong, you still need to voice it. There is a good chance that this is the direction in which to move forward. If you strongly disagree with the postulates set forth by the environment, be sure to say. Only justify your attitude and offer something in return. Criticizing just like that, anyone can be a fool. Try to express your opinion without harsh emotions. Appeal only to rationality and prudence. Do not be afraid to lose credibility if you disagree with someone. By speaking your mind, you characterize yourself as an individual person. Believe me, many competent managers will immediately notice it. When you have to speak out at home and not at work, you have to accept the fact that you are faced with an attempt to pressure with authority. This is characteristic of older relatives, especially mom and dad. Sooner or later you’ll get over the barrier of fear of being wrong or uncool. That’s when the rest of us will start listening. Not everyone likes to give in completely. If you only try to please everyone and everyone with your acquiescence, you can forget about personal authority and promotion.

Most importantly. As long as a person stays silent, he does not meet the urgent need to realize himself as a full-fledged adult. This seriously affects not only self-esteem, but also gives rise to the development of a mass of complexes. So do not close yourself off from the real world in a shell. Take everything from life and declare your existence to society.

Allow healthy selfishness

It is common nowadays to promote altruism and self-sacrifice. But is it possible to enjoy every day and breathe fully when everything is done exclusively for someone else? Of course it’s necessary to help others, but certainly not to your own detriment. Here are some good examples for you to keep in mind:

You may well not go to the dacha and dig potatoes there at the first call of your parents (sounds delusional so far, right?).

If they bought this plot of land themselves, with the foaming at the mouth proving that everything is for the benefit of future generations, then the child has a right not to participate, so as not to impose the burden of unnecessary labor. Explain that it’s easier for you to buy all the products in the store, and ready to go to the cottage, just to rest himself and see how his mother and father enjoy life, but not ruin the last health of the whole family in the garden.

Yes, you can probably hear a lot of flattering things about yourself at first, including the local mikrokodiles, who certainly know how to live right. But trust me, when you allow yourself to be at least a little selfish, it will be much easier to enjoy being. And your parents will soon realize that they were wrong.

This I’m telling you from personal experience. So myself at age 20, safely sold the devil’s six acres, when I finally refused to plow on them, and his parents were somehow not particularly eager to do something there. And it turned out to be just fine to live! I found that I can spend my personal time with much more benefit and pleasure, and I wish you to do the same.

No need to agree to go to a bar or club in the evening

Correction, if you don’t feel like it. For example, you decided to go out of town tonight, or to visit an old acquaintance, or maybe you got a new hobby. And no excuse is required. You just don’t want to, that’s all. Just learn to say no without remorse. Yes, today will not work. This does not mean that you betray the interests of your comrades or colleagues, who praised the party. The important thing is that you stand up for your own.

You don’t have to take every conceivable excursion on vacation

If you’re going purely to the sea, to bask in the sand, to meditate in the greenery of nature, why succumb to absolute altruism? Your companions prefer a rambunctious lifestyle that is alien. That’s fine. Be at least a little selfish and do what you want to do. Trust me, that way you can get so much more out of your life.

It’s not always a good thing to give financial help to everyone and everything

If you have been walking to your dream for a long time, saved up a solid amount to buy a new car or a long-awaited apartment, and then your mother calls and begins to tearfully tell you how your, say, sister (insert any relative or family acquaintance) is expecting a fifth child, and to live in one room is absolutely unbearable for them. My advice, turn off the eternal conscience. Take everything out of life and don’t let your dreams crumble.

My sister chose to live like this. Or she just hopes for manna from heaven. But lawns for bunnies are not automatically included, and the apartment was earned by her own sweat and blood. In this and any similar situation, value yourself more than anyone else. Because no matter how much you do good to such people, they will still find what to reproach.

I consider the exception to be the need for urgent treatment or expensive surgery. Here you just have to listen to your heart. But never make a hasty decision. Remember your own life, where you can only count on yourself. Some of this advice may seem too harsh. But without a healthy egoism and self-love, to live happily and to the fullest extent will not work. You’ll be forever meeting the needs of others, and shoving your own deep into one place.

Give in to your weaknesses

To take all of life, to indulge their desires all the same need. You can not constantly keep your needs under lock and key and pretend that all is well. Your mind will not get a proper discharge, because of what the consequences of stress will be very hard. So don’t forget to at least occasionally spoil yourself with new clothes, comfortable surroundings and promising acquaintances at interesting events.

Follow your dream

You can not take everything out of life if you do not have a specific goal for which you need to do some body movements. When a dream comes true, do your best to achieve it. Visualize what you want, imagine as if everything has already happened. Pay attention to every little detail. Remember that thoughts are material.

Try to follow only the call of your heart. I don’t advise you to share your dreams with others. They can diminish the importance of the goal or devalue it altogether. So that the cherished dream does not cease to be a guiding star in your world, keep it like a pearl in an opaque shell.

Take everything from life and always listen to your own feelings. If someone insists that you have chosen the wrong course, don’t listen to that person. You can only get satisfaction from life if you accomplish the dream that seems most important.

Make useful connections

Childhood friends are, of course, good. But do not limit your circle of acquaintances exclusively to old friends. Try to expand useful relationships that will later help you move forward in life. Smart people who are successful in their careers and established as an independent entity – they are always interesting and very evolved person with whom it is pleasant to have a conversation.

Why you might need to meet someone like this:

to change your job for a more interesting and challenging one;

broadening your horizons;

ideas for your own startup;

financial help (for example, to lend start-up capital at low interest to start a business);

advice on improving the quality of life.

Such people know how to control fate and never expect mercy from it. So I recommend reviewing your social circle to get new interesting and useful interlocutors.

Love yourself

You won’t be able to enjoy life as long as your own image is depressing and disgusting. Everyone has a lot of personal flaws. But is that really such a big problem? To start taking everything from life, you must first find inner harmony.

Take paper and pen, write down all the shortcomings that are present in you (and others may not even notice them at all). In front of each item in the resulting list (I hope it was not particularly large) indicate an equal plus. For example, “I have protruding ears, but very beautiful blue eyes. Or “I’m shy to get acquainted with the girls, but I care for them so that the ladies remain delighted.

Reread the whole list often. Focus on the benefits. Do you want to take everything from life? In that case, believe that you really deserve it.

Get rid of unhealthy habits

To enjoy your existence to the fullest, it must be long-lasting, as well as healthy. And also imagine how much money you regularly spend on alcohol and cigarettes (I don’t even want to consider drugs, there’s nothing to mess with them at all). This entire budget could have been implemented much more efficiently. For example, to go to retraining courses and change your profession to a better paid one. Or add on a trip to visit some more interesting sights additionally.

In fact, think about your health. Will you be able to achieve everything you have planned if you keep going to doctors? You can’t get sports records with bad habits, you can’t just be a free person. So if you’ve been thinking about cleansing your body of toxins for a long time, it’s time to start doing it.


And the more spontaneous the trip, the better. Yes, take everything from life. Enjoy the rest for your body and soul. Invest in emotions. You can not even be photographed near each stone, but just leave all the memories inside your own imagination.

Explore the culture of other peoples, enrich yourself with a different view of the world. To feel happy and full of energy, you don’t have to sit in the office or at home all the time. Discover other countries and cities, watch the sunrise and sunset thousands of miles away. It’s definitely worth it.

Learn other people’s dialects

The more limited your knowledge, the less chance you have of changing your life for the better. Maybe your ultimate dream for many years is to work in another country? In that case start doing something to reach your goal. And the best start to the new life will be the study of a foreign language. Which one? I advise to take a few basics in turn. First, focus on the country where you would like to go. Secondly, see what you like and what suits you best. If you want to take the best from life and not deny yourself the nice little things, be prepared to constantly evolve and self-improve.

Do not be afraid of changes

A boring “mire” is not a good ally in the fight for the quality of life. Tired of the work in which you do not see prospects for their own development? Then change the location. Parted with the girl you love? Analyze the mistakes and soberly assess the situation. Whatever is done – all for the better. So, very soon in your life will come another love.

Don’t be afraid to start all over again. If you have reached the ceiling, it does not mean that there is nowhere else to go and nothing to strive for. There is always a higher bar, for overcoming which still have to fight. Think of change as a chance to open up new perspectives for yourself.

It wasn’t that long ago that I lost a job that I gave my whole soul to. I loved it, really. But it didn’t turn out so bad. I’m enjoying my freedom, being able to spend more time with my son, traveling, and writing for you, my friend. Is that worth regretting or crying on someone else’s shoulder? I was a little scared at first, too, though.

Stop being patient

Take it as a basic axiom of your life. When something gets on your nerves or you don’t like it, discomfort will still keep you from breathing. Don’t keep quiet when you have something to say. Not happy with the behavior of a friend? Explain it to the person. It is possible that he just does not see the problem. Annoying colleague? Have a heart-to-heart talk, but only gently and without aggression. A strained relationship in the family? Talk about it through your mouth. A very effective tip to get rid of the annoying factor. Why is it very important to stop being patient, to start taking everything from life? It’s a matter of pure psychosomatics. The more negative emotions you hold exclusively inside, the more they affect your health, mood and energy concentration. Will you find the strength to change something when they all go to holding back resentment, frustration or anger? Not likely.

Let your emotions flow

Of course, I am not urging you to become hysterical. But every person from time to time just needs to splash out accumulated feelings. No matter, positive or negative emotions. For life to be full, they need to manifest.

Do you like something? Smile. Sad? You have every right to be alone and not talk to anyone. Angry? Pound your fist (preferably on something soft) or yell from the heart. Only complete freedom in the expression of emotions allows you to live life to the fullest.

Express yourself

Dress exclusively the way you want to. Fashion is fuzzy and relative. Style one thing today and another tomorrow. Just be yourself. Take everything out of life, enjoy every day, be bright and individual. For a long time you dream about a tattoo? Get one. Even if you regret it later, you can always resort to the laser. But you won’t have to worry that you didn’t have the guts to do it.

And age is not a barrier to change. It doesn’t matter how old you are when you realized that you want to live by your own rules and breathe life to the fullest. The main thing – to implement the long-awaited chance to gain control over your own destiny.

Spend money wisely and without regret

Such is the mentality of Russian people that sometimes it is shameful to buy something for yourself. So even really sorry for the money. And why? What is so bad about it? I do not support useless shopping, but there is no point in becoming a complete ascetic. Remember, you can’t count on a second life. You have only one, so you need to go this way only for pleasure.

All spending should be checked for rationality. If the list “against” only got the following arguments, then the money can be squandered on a purchase without the slightest regret:

the thing will have to be replaced soon (nothing is everlasting in this world, believe me);

I can do without (the whole life will not work, yeah); better a son, brother, mother, aunt, uncle of his ex-wife something to buy (think about it, but exactly what it needs, it is quite possible that even a child has toys and developing already 10 times more than you have T-shirts);

I have not earned it yet (nonsense, you will think so, and in general roll into complexes);

Well, definitely not now (when?).

Do not forget that all of life must be taken in full. Constant restrictions will not do any good. Love yourself, appreciate, do not be afraid of change and always move forward. Let your life journey brings only positive emotions. Good luck!