Tattoos in people’s lives

Self-expression is an important part of living a comfortable life in harmony with oneself. Some people find peace in music, others prefer painting. But sometimes it’s not enough for full harmony. When the soul demands to balance the inner world with the outer, a person comes to the master of tattoos. Nowadays, people with patterns and bright pictures on the skin for a long time already do not cause anyone’s shock. If before such creativity on the body was associated with places not so distant, now it has already entered the rank of art. Here, too, there are many different styles of performance, and also every year there are competitions among the best masters of their craft. Tattoos have both followers and ardent opponents. As a rule, the second type is still guided by outdated stereotypes associated with the criminal bias of our country’s past. I note that this attitude is mostly inherent in Russian people. If you’re stuffed from head to toe and want to sunbathe on a foreign beach, the reaction of foreigners will be practically zero. And here the Russian-speaking environment will certainly look at drawings and guess, how many people you have killed that deserved already 10 life terms, judging by scale of tattoos (I know from personal experience). This topic is very interesting and controversial. There are many legends and misconceptions associated with tattoos. Someone considers it a real disease, while others look forward to the next session in order to translate the craziest idea into reality. So, what role do tattoos play in people’s lives and what you need to know about the art of drawing on the body.

Where did the negative attitude come from It seems that no one bothers anyone, does not impose anything, and in general does it purely for themselves. However, a tattooed person often causes an explosion of negative emotions in society. What is the reason for this kind of dislike for this kind of self-expression? In the last century (it sounds very impressive, but in fact it is only a period before 2000) tattoos were the prerogative of individuals with a criminal past. They were a kind of mark that demonstrated a person’s status, the reason for going to jail, and the length of time spent in prison. Each drawing had a specific meaning, and it was impossible to just score them. Naughty people could also be punished by having their faces painted accordingly. By the way, this is the reason why tattoos used to turn blue over time and become so blurry under the skin. If the needle is inserted too deeply, the pigment will be more actively washed away by the flow of blood. Over time, this leads to a loss of clarity of the outline. The reason for the discoloration was the poor quality of the paint. In prison, for lack of availability for this purpose was actively used “burnt”, which was prepared by melting the heel of the shoe. After such an execution, the departure of the pattern to blue was the least of the problems. If you didn’t get blood poisoning and didn’t turn into a smurf yourself, consider yourself very lucky.

Since at that time the owners of tattoos were dubious personalities, with whom one did not particularly want to do business and trivial communication, people were used to treat such “fashionistas” with suspicion. In the past it was still relevant, but now the drawings on the body often say to those around them: “I didn’t rape, kill or eat anyone, I just wanted to get a waffle.” Separately, I will mention people’s attitude towards this hobby among girls. For some reason, girls are the ones who are particularly criticized for getting tattoos of any kind. They come up with some very interesting arguments. Here’s the top of the most common phrases from citizens with an active position (think of them as the most annoying statements) with my small comments: Only prostitutes get tattoos (you should ask your husband where he got his fee for so many years of “profession”); You are a mother (apparently, the appearance of a child automatically imposes a ban on a woman to dispose of her body); And as soon as parents allowed (somehow relevant up to retirement); And you thought that would be in old age (unfortunately, having a tattoo is the least of the problems at that age, when you can not get up from the couch without making a characteristic sound); Now at work will not take (strange to hear it, remembering his position and the fee, and more adequate leadership); It’s the same for life (at least something I will have permanent, except high blood pressure and dark circles under the eyes).

All of the phrases I have mentioned are quite applicable to the male sex as well. Well, maybe except for the first one, although the human imagination is inexhaustible. And remember, even if you are a 40-year-old brutal bearded man with the appearance of a lumberjack killer, the question of parental permission is sure to come up sooner or later. This is usually due to the concept of permanent inhibitions in many families, where the word of the older generation decided everything. Therefore, any departure from generally established principles often causes bewilderment, indignation and even anger. Although many people are envious inside, because not everyone can dare to have a permanent marking. Sometimes the reason for the negativity is the religiousness of the environment. People refer to the Bible, which states that believers are not allowed to make drawings or cuts on their bodies. However, this opinion is purely personal and should not influence a stranger. After all, everyone decides for himself what to believe and what to be guided by in life.

Why do people get tattoos And really, what motivates us? After all, the process is not very pleasant and even to a certain extent painful. As a rule, tattoos have a special place of honor in people’s lives. Some claim that after the complete healing of the design, their life has changed dramatically. There are several reasons why we get hammered:

  1. The desire to stand out This does not happen very often in general, because most tattoos are beaten on body parts that are constantly hidden by clothing. But sometimes people admit that they lack the attention of society. Even if the decision made will be condemned, black PR is also known to play into the hands of the public. A quality bright drawing, made by a professional, always attracts attention. Sometimes such a decoration can even be a good start for a new acquaintance with the opposite sex (many girls like a badass and daring guys, there’s nothing you can do about it).

  1. This is the practical side of the art of tattooing. Such tattoos are of great importance in people’s lives as they help to get rid of the complex associated with unsightly external marks. Correctly chosen picture can hide operational scars and the consequences of various traumas, large-scale burns. To disguise such a defect, be sure to consult an experienced master. The connective tissue should be fully formed, and the scar or scar should have a white color. A true pro will select the most successful design, take into account all the wishes and inform about the possible strong pain sensations. To impose a tattoo on the place of a burn or scar is recommended with the use of anesthesia. 3. In memory of the event or person It can be a specific date, a phrase, a portrait, yes anything related to the dearest heart experience. Sometimes we want to remind ourselves that all bad things end sooner or later. Such tattoos allow us not to break down in difficult situations. The memory of a person gives a sense of unity of souls, emphasizing the importance of connection. More than once I met tattoos depicting deceased pets. Everyone has their own meaning and strictly intimate meaning of such a drawing. But if a person decided to capture someone’s image on his own body, therefore, it is very important for him.

  1. Not everyone attaches any mystical meaning to their tattoos. But there are people who see in any pattern a hidden secret message that allows you to adjust the fate and change life for the better. Why not? Thoughts are material. It is quite possible, having beaten a tattoo in the form of, say, runes, which means an increase of love attraction, you will become more confident and take a chance to meet his soul mate. 5. On a bet Don’t tell me you’ve never done anything stupid by giving in to excitement or tempted by the promised reward. As a rule, such tattoos accompany their owner for a short time, then disappearing under the laser. I knew a guy who, on a dare, had a portrait of his former lover tattooed in the presence of his official spouse. As the master claimed, the young man not only came to reduce the unsuccessfully chosen drawing, but a little later overlapped the scar from the heel, you know, in what place.

  1. Achieving harmony with your inner world It is quite difficult to understand, but sometimes a person lacks something in order to be in full harmony with the hidden self. In this case a tattoo helps to find a balance between the outer shell and the inner being. It is by putting a certain pattern or picture on the skin that a person finally finds himself and the long-awaited peace, as the image is considered complete and the puzzle is assembled. It sounds complicated and incomprehensible, but in fact, it is a common psychological aspect, which is known to most specialists in the field of human studies.

  1. Just because I want to and that’s it My favorite reason. No need to look for a hidden subtext. A person watched a movie and stuffed his sleeve with its characters. Why? Just because. Because everyone disposes of his body the way he wants. Gloomy tattoos often tell us nothing about a person’s character. A former school friend of mine has a serious business, a lot of people on his payroll. In his closet you can find 800 pieces of office shirts and about the same number of perfectly pressed pants with arrows. What’s he got stuffed? Deadpool sitting on a unicorn going to the toilet in a rainbow. Yes, right on his bare chest. Why? Because he wanted to and he did. While someone nurtures the sketch of the future sacred masterpiece for years, the other cluttered cartoon characters, not even thinking about how it will all fit together in style. And to condemn a person’s choice is clearly not too reasonable, as it is his body and personal right.

Popular Myths and Misconceptions The art of applying images to the skin is always shrouded in a mass of rumors and conflicting opinions. If you’ve been planning to decorate yourself with a pattern or a picture for a long time, it’s a good idea to learn some interesting refutations from the “no matter how much sweetness you eat, the halves won’t stick together” category. So, let’s play mythbusters:

You can get a tattoo before you go on a trip to the sea. This is a recommendation for masochists. A fresh tattoo is a full-fledged wound because the top layer of skin is traumatized. If you’re wondering what it will feel like on vacation, sprinkle a bleeding abrasion with salt. A fresh tattoo should never be irritated or exposed to direct sunlight. The consequence will be a thermal burn and frankly poor quality of the final result. The master in this case will only show his hands and say that he has warned. If you are lucky enough to be in Thailand, where there are more tattoo parlors than natives, think hard, are you ready to say goodbye to the beach and the sea until the end of the vacation?

  1. You can drink alcohol before the session, and the master who is against it is just not a Russian person. If you don’t feel sorry for the money for an extra correction, this statement is certainly true. Alcohol promotes increased blood circulation. As a result, the pigment will be poorly retained by the skin. Additional correction will be needed to eliminate gaps in the pattern and add clarity and brightness to it. 3. The tattoo can be beaten only with anesthesia. Actually it is recommended to use it in case of very low pain threshold or to apply the figure on scars and scars. Anesthetic creams and ointments often have a bad effect on the skin: it “hardens” and is less easy to paint over. It takes more time to apply the pattern, and this, as you know, is an additional expense.

  1. You always need a sketch for a tattoo. If you are dealing with a professional working in the “freehand” style, there is no need to draw a picture beforehand. Such masters can create a masterpiece, using the client’s skin as a canvas. 5. Any picture can be made both in a larger and smaller scale. Here the number of details is decisive. Even the most experienced master can’t make a picture of Hieronymus Bosch (that’s where a lot of small and incomprehensible subject nonsense, may the critics forgive me) on a scale of 2 by 3 centimeters. A sketch that is full of these details, made in a small size, will soon blur and turn into a blot. If the master offers a slightly adjusted picture and remove minor elements, it is better still to listen to him. Remember that tattoos have a special place in people’s lives. Will you be proud of an obscure blurry spot? 6. The size and value of a tattoo is defined in cigarette packs. It’s time to move away from this outdated measure. Now the price of a tattoo will directly depend on the number of sessions (time) spent to get it done. If you want to explain to the master the desired size and design of the drawing, use the “ruler-word-mouth” method. Use for this purpose cigarette packages, iPhones, descriptions of body parts (“on the usual patsy shoulder”) and “well, like Seryoga from the next yard” is not recommended.

  1. Tattoos look exactly the same on tanned skin as they do on light skin. Alas, a very popular and naive misconception. If you are a fan of tanning, a regular visitor of a tanning salon, or just a naturally hot dark-skinned muchacho, be prepared for serious disappointment. The tattoo will have a significantly distorted original color scheme, and the end result will not be as lush and contrasting as on a lighter background. 8. You can get a quality tattoo on the cheap or for the consumables. No. There just isn’t, that’s all. A professional appreciates their work, and a beginner won’t always be able to handle a complicated sketch. If you’re offered to get your sleeve stuffed at half the standard price around town, it’s better to wonder if it’s worth risking your own skin. There are two exceptions to this rule. First: superaction from the master, if he was burning desire to pave a masterpiece on its own exclusive idea and invites the model with the perfect skin as a canvas. The second: to marry / marry a tattooist and treacherously use family ties. In all other cases, you just risk getting in line to have the resulting design removed by laser.

  1. A good master knows how to work in any style. Also a mistake. The majority of pros specialize on one or several variants of tattoo design. After all, each style has a lot of subtleties and nuances. You can divinely draw portraits, but not be able to create and elementary still life. And what is not a tattoo artist?

  1. A master can simply copy any work you like. Believe me, a real professional will hardly copy anything. And also most of the sketches are protected by copyright. And in what joy to wear on a picture, which has already struck someone? That’s why tattoos appeared in people’s lives, to emphasize the individuality and uniqueness of each person.

No one is worse off if he starts to be different from the rest. A tattoo does not make a man cruel or a woman frivolous. Drawing on the body in no way prevents one from being a professional in his business and reaching the heights of science. After all, it’s just appearances. The main thing lies within. Love yourself and don’t be afraid to be bright.