Ten rules for a good party

A party… and immediately there’s excitement and hope for a great time. You want to have a party so that it won’t be embarrassing and painful. For family, friends, relatives want to make an unforgettable party.

A good party doesn’t depend on where and with whom it is held – it can be colleagues, friends, school mates, relatives. But to get the party right, you need the right recipe for organizing it. There are as many as ten tips on how to organize a good party that will be remembered with joy, not headache.

You should start by making a complete list of people to invite. There’s nothing embarrassing about that. Next, make a list of everything you need to buy at the supermarket. This includes drinks. Hang these lists better on the fridge or other prominent place. It is important not to forget to remove them before the arrival of guests.

In order not to go crazy from the holiday rush, it’s better to make all the necessary purchases in advance. It will be possible to safely assess the range of products and drinks, possibly save money and certainly not waste unnecessary nerves.

About two weeks before the party, it’s worth checking the guest list, but still have in reserve about five more servings. This will not put a damper on the guests who showed up uninvited.

Just in case the guests are drunk as squirrels and devils, you should have the phone numbers of cab services to send the straying guests to their homes. By the way, abroad you can sue the hosts of the party if after the party the guest got behind the wheel and had an accident.

To after-party not to go down the drain, you need to correctly calculate the consumption of drinks for the entire company. For example, a company of no more than eight people will be satisfied with a pack of 24 cans of beer. For cocktails, three bottles of wine and a bottle of spirits will suffice. It has become a fashionable trend to offer guests equal portions of white and red wine. A typical wine glass is 150 grams.

A standard bottle is enough for five glasses. One bottle of hard liquor can be turned into almost twenty cocktails. But the main rule here is that there should always be a little more alcohol. Than necessary. It is not at all an option to send drunken guests in search of booze. Bought alcohol can be very low quality and can lead to disastrous consequences.

Evening dinner lasts, as a rule, for a long time. It should consist of several courses. In this situation, the main thing is not to despair if it is not possible to select the wine for each course individually. Modern etiquette allows for discrepancies. It should be taken into account that for one guest, on average, half a bottle is spent. With the smallest amount of hors d’oeuvres in three hours, about five glasses of wine each guest will drink.

Appetizers are worth preparing in variety. If salty, sweet, or greasy will predominate, then tea and coffee should be stocked.

For the comfort of guests, the bar and table, where snacks are set, should be in an accessible location. Everyone invited, without too much difficulty should have a drink, snacks, and do not ask for help from anyone.

To keep all the guests happy, you should try to take into account all the features of their food, but without fanaticism. Just for those who “drive.” Non-alcoholic beverages should be provided. It is better that it was natural juices, but also mineral water, Coca-Cola can also take its place at the table. For gourmets, you should have a bottle of good cognac or whiskey and a certain amount of ice for them.

Be sure even at the planning stage of the party, you need to consider the issue of overnight stays. Prepared in advance sleeping places for some guests will be a grateful surprise. The possibility of a morning meal and perhaps some hangover remedies should also be on hand.