The analyst revealed fresh details of the new part of BioShock

In the bowels of the 2K offices is working on the next edition of the famous BioShock series. The existence of the project the public has known for several years, but what it will be, for many is still a mystery. The veil of mystery lifted by an attentive user – apparently, the novelty will be markedly different from its predecessors.

Analyst MauroNL combed through the job openings of Cloud Chamber, the company that handles the game. Judging by the positions, the new BioShock will be more RPG-like than its predecessors: the team needs specialists to work on dialogue systems, designers with experience in the genre, as well as people who can program the AI not only individual NPC, but also the crowd. The project itself has been described as an “emergent sandbox.”

What exactly will be the new BioShock and how it will relate to the original trilogy – until, alas, it is not clear. We only know that the development is going at least since 2016, and the project is based on the Unreal Engine 4.