The Bachelor’s Guide to “How to Get What You Want, or What Women Want…”

The look
Interested, a little in love with a hint of admiration, but also with a sense of dignity. Too easy prey is boring.

Able to carry on a conversation and make people laugh, but most importantly not to overdo it, chatterboxes (p.lov) no one likes)

Generosity and romance, where without them).
It is clear that not all members of the stronger sex can afford dinner in Paris on a first date. Most of the ladies (almost all) are able to immediately assess the capacity of the chosen one and, accordingly, do not expect from him something very much, since they agreed to communicate/date. A small bouquet or hand-picked lilacs are also good.

Man acting decisively and even with the pressure is always one step ahead. A rose-colored snot and ahivzdyh this female prerogative, although we do not adopt it).

Men – memorize and apply. Apply necessarily! Theorists and brainiacs pass by)).
(Girls – add to it))))