The basic rules for speeding up a PC on Windows are revealed

To speed up your computer, you need to uninstall unnecessary programs and change system startup settings. This was reported in the material on the website of Business Insider. According to the authors, often computers running Windows run slowly due to a large number of unnecessary applications and incorrect settings. First of all, experts have recommended reducing the list of programs that open with the start of the system. To do this, open the “Task Manager” and stop the startup of some applications in the appropriate section. Next, the authors advised to remove all programs that the user runs from time to time, and conduct a full scan of the PC for viruses.

Of great importance is the visual design of the system. As a result, reporters recommended going into advanced Windows settings and disabling most of the special effects. It is also recommended to disable the effect of window transparency to speed up the computer, this option is in the “Personalization” section of the basic system settings. One of the rules for increasing PC performance is the habit of regularly updating your computer to the latest versions of Windows, which include bug fixes. Reporters noted that by default, many computers are in balanced mode – this is necessary to save battery power of the device. If this option is not relevant, you can disable it in the “Power Options” section of the Windows settings by selecting “High Performance”. Finally, the authors recommended upgrading the computer. First of all, journalists advised to expand the amount of RAM and install an SSD instead of a slower hard drive.