The “battle arsenal” of a modern man: electric shaver, smart watches and other gadgets

Which devices best cope with the role of indispensable helpers of the strong half of humanity?

A modern man, determined and always ready for action and change, gives an unshakable self-confidence, individual style, which corresponds to current fashion trends, the presence in the “combat arsenal” of useful modern gadgets that significantly facilitate life.

Which devices best cope with the role of indispensable helpers of the strong half of humanity?

Electric razors

Both young and old men find electric mains razors and cordless razors a much better solution than handheld disposable machines made of plastic. Such devices help potential users not only to fight against excess vegetation on the face, but also:

tidy up your nostrils and ears;

removing hairs that grow at an impressive rate on the temples and neck;

keep your beard and mustache in perfect condition.

According to most men, any Philips electric shaver presented in Moyo for dry and wet shaving is the ideal gift for any holiday and even without a reason.

Clever watch or fitness trackers

Intelligent wearable accessories are another “male” category of custom electronics.

Devices that function in athletic modes and even perform some tasks of medical diagnostic devices – that’s what is needed for those who want to restore biorhythms and keep their figure in tone.

Wireless headphones or Bluetooth headset

Headsets have long been recognized as one of the main features of a business man. They allow you to answer important calls or listen to voice messages without distracting yourself, for example, from your work duties. The same goes for the wireless headphones – in addition to performing an entertainment function, they also support smooth business communication.


An unmanned aerial vehicle is a dream of any man who is little or no interested in photo and video shooting or anything related to flights.

Game console

It’s hard to imagine at least one representative of the strong sex, who does not enjoy playing on the “flat” or any other popular prefix from the top manufacturer.

The consoles meet the needs of soccer fans, fighters, adventurers and fans of exciting strategies.

With this “gorgeous five” any man is guaranteed a good mood and there are ample opportunities for the realization of the most daring creative ideas, sports goals and work tasks.