The benefits and harms of fast food

A distinctive feature of our 21st century is the intense pace of life. According to scientists, we are spending twice as much time eating as in the 19th and 20th centuries. Because of this, fast food has become so popular among the population.

Saving, rushing, or enjoying a meal?

This applies not only to Kazakhstanis. According to research by Rosstat, one in five people in the country eats at fast-food restaurants every week. The average age of customers is 20-27. Most explain that they have to use fast food services because:

lack of time (33%);

Inability to eat elsewhere (28%);

Taste preferences (27%);

a comfortable environment (17%);

pleasant service (12 %);

Cheapness of the food (7 %);

quality of food (3 %);

Availability of free Internet (1%).

Interestingly, the majority of visitors to fast-food cafes are men. They like high-calorie food for little money. And the beautiful half of humanity, on the contrary, visit institutions of this type because of the pleasant dynamic atmosphere.

To lose weight or not to lose weight?

The traditionally established culture of eating in Kazakhstan is also changing under the influence of advertising slogans of foreign firms. Remember the translation of McDonald’s appeal song “I’m lovin it! Literally, I love it (or I love to eat it). One has to wonder if it’s a coincidence that the commercial calls the menu on offer “it.”

So, what of “it” can you order?

Burgers and variations of sandwiches;

French fries;

Hot meals;

Hot and cold classic salads;

A variety of appetizers;



Drinks (tea, coffee, juices, soda, milkshakes);


As you can see, it is possible to please the body with a variety of dishes, but also in fast food can be eaten properly – it all depends on the choice of lifestyle of the individual. Let’s deal with the pros and cons of fast food in detail.

Cons of such snacks

If the dynamic mode of the day forces to eat fast food, you should remember the disadvantages of such food.

Most dishes with a high caloric content. After getting an excess of calories, the body deposits fat reserves. To minimize health damage, equate a burger you eat to 30 minutes on the treadmill.

High amounts of animal fats. Can put extra strain on blood vessels, contribute to the deposition of cholesterol plaques, and cause harm to the liver. If you had to eat such food, it is better to eat food with a high content of vegetable fiber (raw vegetables, salads). This will help to reduce the strain on the blood vessels. But again, the main thing is mobility, so do not forget about the sports load.

Foods that are too salty. This may have once been a sneaky trick forcing customers to splurge on accompanying drinks (cola, juice, etc.). The body requires the appropriate amount of fluids to balance the salt balance. And it should not be surprising how even children drink a liter glass of juice in one gulp. But what is the harm in it? Salt puts an additional strain on the heart, blood vessels, and impairs the function of the kidneys. It is better to eliminate salt by drinking pure water, mint tea with chamomile. Physical exercise will help to remove excess salts and toxins with sweat in the shortest possible time.

Excess sugar in meals. Sweet “poison” is added to all dishes – hamburgers, sauces for salty dishes, sodas, juices and ice cream. And its concentration can be significant. Eating a sandwich with ketchup, a portion of ice cream and drinking a glass of Coke, the customer can get a triple dose of sugar. This is a tangible blow to the pancreas and adrenal glands. With such a diet, a huge amount of glucose enters the bloodstream, causing a feeling of satiety. But after a couple of hours, you’ll want a snack again.

Huge portions. For the average eater, it would seem – an impossible burden. But the beautiful surroundings: the juicy colors of the interior, causing an appetite, pleasant background music, the aromas of food, and allow to cope with the giant snacks. How to avoid overeating? Before going to the institution you should drink yogurt or a glass of natural juice. The stomach and the area of the brain responsible for satiety will get the appropriate signals and will not be so demanding.

Advantages of fast food

Don’t just look for the disadvantages of fast food. There is also the flip side of the coin. And the advantages are quite a lot:

Fast food (on average 15-25 minutes);

Quality service, competent staff;

Acceptable cost;

Cleanliness of counters, kitchens, equipment and food storage facilities;

Use of Kazakhstani quality products in the menu (90% of meat, bakery products, vegetables);

Of course, the best option is a steady diet of classic home-cooked meals with the three traditional changes of dishes (first, second, and compote). But sometimes, if you really, really want to, then you can order fast food with delivery, there will be no special harm to the body. And a portion of hormones of joy, received from a delicious meal, will make up for all the disadvantages of fast food (if you’re not too lazy to do a jog or just go to the mountains).