The best games of 2020

The best games in 2020 are Cyberpunk 2077, The Last of Us Part II, Halo Infinite, Dying Light 2 and many others. Read the reviews, watch the trailers, follow the updates.

Thousands of games are released each year, from massive AAA projects to soulful turkeys and frank trash. Whether you have a PC or smartphone, you’ll never be left without games. However, many toys are not worthy of attention and it is not worth spending valuable time on them. It is better to concentrate on projects that can offer if not revolutionary, then at least exciting, fresh and modern gameplay. Let’s learn about the best games of 2020 for each platform right now by listing three main projects.

The Disklammer. Usually the titles of the best games are given out at the end of the year, but nothing prevents to build assumptions based on marketing campaigns, the level of expectations and authority of developers. It is quite possible that in the middle of 2020 we can suddenly announce the soon release of incredibly cool game that will move in the rating of all competitors – in this case we will definitely update our list.

Best PC Games in 2020

Let’s start with the most common platform in the CIS. Despite the fact that set-top boxes are gradually conquering domestic markets, most still prefer to dive into virtual worlds with the mouse and keyboard in hand. For the sake of which games in 2020 it will not be a pity to heat up your video cards and processors?

Cyberpunk 2077 – the future is close

Date of issue: 17 September 2020

It’s no surprise. Cyberpunk 2077 at the top of the ratings, the level of expectations is off the charts. That’s why this game confidently takes first places in any TOP, which will decide to decorate it. Especially because it combines several genres – action, shooter and RPG.

Setting will be in cyberpunk style, but you already know it – it is unlikely that screenshots and gameplay videos from the game didn’t catch your eye at least once. The action will take us to a huge city of the future, where the streets are controlled by gangs and financial flows – large corporations. The protagonist (or heroine, depending on the choice) will gradually get acquainted with the background cyber-punk megapolis, earn a reputation, modify your body and perform missions that can affect the fate of all citizens of the city. Several classes and styles of passing are planned – from hurricane shootings to exquisite stealth. The developers promised that the city will be fully open for research – we will even be allowed to go beyond it, looking for useful people or items for inventory in the wastelands. Anyway, there’s enough fun for everyone!

DOOM Eternal is the king of shooters?

Edition date: March 20, 2020

It is nice that the franchise, which was the basis of the shooter genre, has not disappeared into oblivion, and is actively developing. Thank you for this id Software, which in 2016 presented the world a very successful restart of the series. It seemed after the failure of DOOM 3, no one else would risk to resurrect the Hangman Rock. And now his adventures are followed by the new generation of gamers, considering DOOM one of the best shooters of our time.

“Blame” for such success can be the unique ability of id Software to create shooters with a pleasant and comfortable shooting, rewarding the player with a pleasant experience – the feeling of shooting, recharging, moving from first person, all this in DOOM on the verge of fantasy. Graphics also plays a big role – Id Tech engine gives a very beautiful picture and at the same time provides gamers with stable FPS even on weak systems. DOOM can’t boast of deep storyline and penetrating dialogues, but its brutality and dynamism more than compensate for this shortcoming.

What’s new in Eternal? The Hangman Rock will be able to jump walls and pull a hook on enemies trying to mow the Puja. The graphics will be noticeably more beautiful (hopefully FPS will not be too affected). The protagonist will have a new reason to take up arms and pile the demons on the tomatoes. Otherwise, the same first-person gameplay with a gun will be waiting for us.

Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord – lats, money, two swords

Date of issue: March 2020

Not the most obvious choice, given that the top may only have three games. But there are reasons. First, the game has collected the mechanics of several genres – it is simultaneously RPG, action, tactical strategy and economic simulation. In fact, the second Mount & Blade can be called a simulator of medieval life, which presents all the most important aspects of existence for that time. Secondly, the franchise is well known and its continuation is waiting for millions of fans. Thirdly, it took the whole seven years to develop the game, and all because the developers are paying attention to the smallest details.

You will create your character and start earning first money, hiring uneducated peasants and killing bandits. Then buy your first good sword with armor and possibly a horse. Your peasants will become more experienced and grow into soldiers. Traveling with a mini warrior in Calradia, you will meet lords, perform their quests and visit cities looking for goods and want to start your own business. And then major wars will begin, with the seizure of castles and the defense of your own land. You will also be able to create a family tree, weave political intrigue and enjoy a delicious ale in one of the taverns, where, traditionally, there will be a chance to hire a talkative partner. In short, if you’re bored with modern theme games, Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord is sure to suit your tastes. The main thing is that the release does not have any technical problems.

Best Games for PlayStation 4 in 2020

With more than a hundred million consoles sold and about a billion copies of the games for them – the brainchild of Sony is still at the top of the popularity among fans of jerking joysticks. But Xbox is getting closer and to tame his passion can only be excellent gaming releases. There will be plenty of them in 2020.

The Last of Us Part II is a hard childhood

Date of issue: 29 May 2019

The fate of Ellie and her faithful protector Joel was watched by gamers around the world. And while the consoles personally shot the infected and fought against gangsters, the “bakers” enthusiastically played the game on YouTube. And when it became known about the sequel, many ran to the store for the cherished “sleepyheads”, anticipating the pleasure of the upcoming passage.

Too much information the developers have not yet shared. Even the shows, arranged for bloggers, were held under the veil of “secret”. However, gameplay footage was still allowed to be shown, and gamers impressed by the presentation shared the details about new chips. So, besides green locations, we’ll get acquainted with the winter setting-up, and also watch the realistic weather conditions and thought-out little things like cracking ice under the feet. We’ll play for Ellie, but Joel will also be in the background. The shootings with bandits will start to cling to the soul, because the developers humanized soulless NPC, providing them with unique names and prescribing mini-dialogues. The graphics will be noticeably better, which is obvious, because the first part came out for the third “flat”. Well and the infected will receive the improved intellect and become even more dangerous – stealth will occupy an impressive part of the gameplay.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 – blood on the streets of the city

Date of issue: early 2020

First place in the TOP 3 was deservedly taken by the exclusive. Cyberpunk 2077 could qualify for the second place, but we have already written about it, and we don’t want to repeat it. So the choice fell on Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2. The vampire story, which began in 2004, will continue, though in another city with new characters. The action will be transferred to Seattle, where vampire clans will compete with each other and ruthlessly deal with all those who do not adhere to the Masquerade code.

The developers, however, hinted that the old characters may well appear in episodic roles, because between Los Angeles from the first part and Seattle from the second only day or two ways. Although the metropolis itself will not be in the form of a large open world, but the locations will turn out to be atmospheric and filled with interesting content. We will be able to explore any buildings, look for clues, objects, funny references. The focus will be on the plot and pumping a character who needs to comprehend all the abilities of his class to confront a vampire from the higher castes.

Nioh 2 – who’s hardcore?

Release date: March 13, 2020.

Another exclusive, the release of which will delight many hardcore workers. Recently passed an open beta test with a couple of locations and several bosses. Everyone made sure that the gameplay has not become easier. According to the statistics from the Tokyo Game Show, where a demo version of the game was presented for the first time, less than half of the users can cope with its passing. Of course, if there is an easy level of difficulty, the threshold for entering the game will be significantly reduced. But does it make sense to launch a hardcore action game without suffering and dying a dozen times an hour?

Unfortunately, we can’t satisfy your curiosity yet and tell you about the plot or gameplay features. After all, that information has not yet been received. But you can look at YouTube records with open beta and see at least some mechanics and graphics of the project.

The best games for Xbox in 2020

For many years, Xbox has been in the shadow of Sony, which leaves no chance for the competition with its loud exclusives and consoles of the highest quality. But Microsoft no longer want to put up with the eternal second place and try to catch up with the rival. In 2020, they have prepared both the exclusives and the ports of the largest projects. Some of the games listed above are also released on Xbox, so we will not point them out here to avoid repetitions.

Halo Infinite – will we be able to repeat the success?

Release date: November 2020

Released in 2015 Halo 5: Guardians in just the first week brought the developers 500 million dollars – the absolute record among the exclusives Xbox One. For a new part of the hope is no less grand. At least, you can expect the most advanced graphics in the series, because the game will be released not only for the current generation console, but also for the mysterious Project Scarlett, the power of which is already beginning to be talked about by Internet legends. Infinite will tell you about the events that took place after the fifth part. There are no more details yet. Except that the developers promised that they aren’t going to crash the players’ donation.

Dying Light 2 – Zombie City Returns

Release date: spring 2020

Parkour, shootings with bandits, hellish rubylovo with zombies, exploration of the metropolis, the influence of decisions on the fate of the gaming world – the second part of Dying Light will be truly large-scale. The city alone will make several times more than in the original – there will be many new locations, where we will be able to find not only the nests with zombies, but also useful NPCs and stashes with powerful weapons. Absolutely everything that was in the first part will become larger, from street warfare against local groups to mop-ups of areas from the living dead. A society isolated from the rest of the world will evolve, acquire new needs, and the protagonist will try to satisfy them by taking one side or the other, performing quests and, of course, earning money for a hopeless existence.

Watch Dogs Legion – when the couch troops no longer help.

Date of issue: second half of 2020

Hackers from the world of Watch Dogs will not calm down, but they can be understood, because the government and corporations have crossed all boundaries and are breaking the law everywhere. In the new part of the series we will go to London and join the local resistance. What is interesting, for each mission will be able to choose different characters, from a cute and seemingly harmless old lady to an experienced hacker with skills ninja. To solve field problems in the arsenal will appear drones, explosives, weapons close and far combat. There are only concerns about optimization, which games from Ubisoft recently are not famous. But on consoles problems are less frequent than on PC, so the owners of Xbox on Watch Dogs Legion release, probably, won’t face them.

The best games for Nintendo Switch in 2020

Each day, Nintendo Switch attracts more and more users. And not just in Japan – more than 40 million set-top boxes have been sold worldwide, bringing the Japanese creature closer to the Xbox level. Why did the console, which was prophesied to be dead just a year and a half ago, suddenly go off? Many new games were released, including ports, and a lighter, cheaper version of the console was released. In 2020, Nintendo is not going to slow down, so there will be a lot of games for Switch.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 is more likely to come out

Date of issue: estimated 2020

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an outstanding Nintendo Switch exclusive that was carefully released for the release of the console itself. In just one month, the console owners bought around one million copies of the game and gave it high marks. You bet – an interesting story, a completely open world, familiar characters from past games, fantasy setting, unique mechanics of interaction with the environment (the burning grass alone is worth it). Of course, everyone was waiting for the sequel. And so it became known that Nintendo was really working on it, but no details yet. We hope it will be released in 2020.

The Outer Worlds is a portable wondrous world…

Date of issue: estimated 2020

One of the brightest RPG 2019, although with a number of significant shortcomings. Although the game has already been released for both consoles and PCs, Nintendo Switch will not be ported until 2020. Given that the game doesn’t have a lot of rooftop graphics, it’s safe to expect that the visual port for Switch will be around the level of other platforms (except for shadows, smoothing and resolution). And the gameplay will remain the same – we will be able to walk on distant planets, destroy the local fauna, get acquainted with the useful NPC and what is the power to kill the villains, not forgetting to rock your character.

Minecraft Dungeons – pixel dungeons

Date of issue: April 2020

You could put DOOM Eternal in here, but it’s already been written about. No More Heroes 3 would also fit, but this franchise isn’t so popular among domestic gamers. But there are millions of children and adults playing Meingraft. That’s why the role-playing interpretation of the famous franchise gets to the third place in the top. Style in this RPG will remain the same, polygons will not be added to the characters, but will open a lot of role mechanics from dialogues with NPC to exciting battles. Dungeons, treasures, magical spells with bright special effects – this adventure will please all Minecraft fans.

Best Browser Games in 2020

Games in browsers, despite the many other platforms, are still a success. Because they do not need to download, they are available in any browser with flash support and work without problems on the weakest systems. And although there were no loud ones yet, we can confidently assume that the current leaders of the genre will not lose their popularity.

Dragon Knight 2 – everyone likes dragons

Browser RPG, in which the epic story is supported by a detailed fantasy setting-up and classic role-playing mechanics such as pumping the hero, creating clans, PvP battles and PvE events. Here you will meet huge demons, tame faithful pets, test your strength in dangerous dungeons and become part of a cohesive community, taking an honorable place on the list of the greatest heroes.

The Online Empire – kingdoms are being built and collapsed…

You could add other role-playing browsers like League of Angels or Demon Slayer 3 to the top – they all deserve each other and attract a large audience. But the soul requires diversity, so pay attention to the strategy in the medieval setting. In the Empire Online you can build your kingdom, developing castles, training troops and attacking neighbors. There is also diplomacy – it helps to survive difficult situations and strengthen positions after successful battles. In general, if you like medieval times and you are sure that you can cope as a ruler – try it.

Let’s Fish – there’s no such thing as fish

And in the theme of genre diversity remember a browser-based fishing simulator, which is played by tens of millions of people. The formula for success in this project is simple – meditative gameplay, exciting development, competitive elements. You will sit with a fishing rod in the most picturesque corners of the planet, earn money selling fish to buy new equipment and claim high positions in global rankings. Do you not have time to go fishing in real life? Browser to help you!

Best games for Android and iOS in 2020

The reputation of mobile gambling is severely damaged by donated grindyles and useless clickers. But this is not fair, because on touch screens of smartphones and tablets you can and should play, especially if there is no time for consoles and PCs. Especially, given that very soon will be released many new cool games.

League of Legends: Wild Rift is the mobile MOBA we deserve

Date of issue: 2020

The genre of MOBA on mobiles is clinging to the bottom wall. Though now there are a couple of worthy projects, they are not suitable for desktop Dota 2 and League of Legends. And so, the developers of LoL decided to release a mobile version of their project, creating it from scratch and preserving the atmosphere of the original. The control will be sharpened for the sensor, and the graphics will give way to the original, but not much. The developers promised to make a detailed map, release at the start of the most famous characters and add to their list with patches, as well as make the gameplay as balanced as possible.

Apex Legends is a royal breakthrough…

Date of issue: 2020

You hardly missed the story of how unknown Apex Legends suddenly came out and attracted more than a million gamers in one day. Now the hippie has subsided, but the audience for this royal battle is still impressive. In order not to slow down the development of Title, the developers decided to win the mobile market. Especially since the audience of battles piano fans there with impunity plunged PUBG and Fortnite. It is not known whether the mobile port will have something new in terms of mechanics or exclusive characters, but the dynamic battles for survival must remain the same.

Project Odin – graphics matter

Date of issue: 2020

Perhaps, in the third place you were waiting for Teamfight Tactics, which has conquered the “bakers” and is going to do the same with the owners of mobile devices. But we have already written about LoL and the game itself is too niche, plus it doesn’t need any advertising. And Project Odin – one of the most expected MMORPG, which, judging by the gameplay teaser, will be the most beautiful game for Android and iOS.

The developers from Lionheart Games use the engine Unreal Engine 4, so Project Odin will have high-resolution textures, models with a heap of polygons, special effects with many particles and atmospheric mechanics like reacting to the environment of clothes. The only problem is that only powerful devices will be able to pull such splendor, and owners of budget smartphones will have to settle for low settings. Nevertheless, Project Odin claims the title of “breakthrough of the year”. Let’s see if everything will be so rosy on the release. After all, the gameplay seems to be standard, as for MMORPG – world exploration, pumping the hero, green quests.