The best places for spontaneous sex

Passion sometimes seizes spontaneously or there is no place where you can quietly indulge in intimacy. Where can I have spontaneous sex? The best places for extreme sex. A sexual wave came over you and you really wanted to have sex. What to do, and where to go for spontaneous sex.

1.Elevator. To do this, either stop it between floors or go to the top floor. But don’t go out on the first floor after sex if you don’t want unnecessary talk.

2. Cinema. Oral sex in the back rows at the movie theater or, if you get to a daytime show where it’s not crowded, you can try the “overhead” position. It’s dark, and most importantly, choose the right movie.

3. Clubhouse. There is a restroom here. You can try it in a dark corner of the room, but be prepared to get kicked out if you get caught.

4. The fire escape. The lady is at the top of the stairs and you go down one below and hold on tight.

5. Car. Not original, but comfortable, especially if your car has tinted windows. Oral sex, top position and the back seat are all yours. Just don’t rock the car too much.

6. The changing booth in the store. Don’t forget that it may have video cameras in it, and you’ll be internet stars. And look for changing rooms with long curtains.

7. Office. If you’re sitting in a separate office, just close the door. If not, look for back rooms per the instructions above.