The best street food in the world

If you plan to walk around the world, you must understand that street food will play a big part in your diet during your travels; in the street kiosks literally anywhere in the world there is something colorful and quickly cooked to satisfy the hunger of an avid traveler.

Less experienced tourists tend to neglect street food, naively believing that it is inedible, but if you see fresh ingredients from the seller, why not try street food, and often street food – synonymous with the most delicious, most authentic, in general, the most interesting of all that you have tried.

So, where does the world’s best street food come from? Below are our leaders.

Bangkok, Thailand

Probably one of the most popular cities in the world in terms of street food is Thai Bangkok, so the unexpected announcement of the Thai government to ban street food has hit hard all lovers of delicious food. Fortunately, nothing has changed, and you can still find a lot of street food shops in the city.

Whether it’s a modest carriage on the side of the road, a counter at one of the many markets or even an ordinary cafe with tables on the sidewalk – everywhere you can try a real local and delicious food.

Mexico City, Mexico

Wandering around Mexico City, you can buy any dish on the street from the seller, you will not regret the choice. Tamale is one of the most popular outdoor dishes in Mexico City, often eaten for breakfast and steamed dough in corn husks or banana leaf. Lovers prefer strawberry or pineapple, or with spicy tomatoes and chili.

There is also a wide variety of delicacies to choose from, from juices to coffee and pastries, chilakilas, chips, tacos and much more, all of which will indeed be perfectly cooked.

Marrakech, Morocco

The choice of street food is huge throughout the country, but the best you will find in Marrakech.

During your stay here, try the popular snail soup, which is said to have digestive properties. Perhaps the offer does not seem too tempting while you try the delicate chocolate brown snails.

For a gourmet who wants to taste what a local eater has to offer, visit the street food kiosk, where you can find dishes made from sheep’s by-products: tongue and brain – they make a very popular delicacy here.

Cartagena, Colombia

This vibrant and bustling capital city abounds in street food stalls with a wide variety of dishes that include ingredients from Caribbean seafood, mountain herbs, etc.

You should try the cheese areps: delicious shredded corn dough, turned into scones with cheese! This delicacy is served in many street food shops at any time of day.

Patacos are also a favourite, traditionally popular Latin American dish. Colombian patacos are cooked by roasting green bananas twice and adding a lot of garlic.

Beijing, China

Walk through Beijing’s markets and lanes and you’ll realize how hungry you are. There’s plenty of teak-evei here, and Wangfujing Street Diner, Niujie Mosque and Fucheng Road are your favorite places to visit; they’re a feast for eyes and ears, not just for the mouth. Smells, sounds, lights and noisy kiosks will fill all your senses.

From fried insects, snakes and silkworms to Muslim and expensive street food, there’s an incredible variety of the best dishes in the world.

Hong Kong

The fact that it is necessary to tell about street food in Hong Kong is unconditional, it is here and delicious and available. Hong Kong has established itself as a haven for guranas among street food.

Be sure to try the waffle eggs, which are delicious treats crispy along the edges with a delicate core.

Fish curry balls should also be tasted – they are inexpensive and very tasty little fish balls deep-fried.

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is one of the largest cities in the world, with 14 million delicacies, and it’s no wonder because the choice of street food is simply overwhelming.

Choose from Dilli Kasarli Tost (a very tasty sandwich, in fact), Simit (baked dough) and Iskembe (chopped meat soup, which is a favourite midnight meal).

Kingston, Jamaica

Finally we arrive in sunny Jamaica, the birthplace of new cooking, where meat is watered with hot sauce.

Take Away in Jamaica is usually found around the colourful and bustling market stalls run by locals.

Head to the Heroes National Park to find many great stalls or visit Aunt Merle’s fish hut, where fishing boats moor, selling everything from raw fish to grilled lobsters.

Although most dishes consist of meat, vegetarians love the local Veggie Meals on Wheels, a delivery restaurant rightfully considered a “tropical vegan oasis”.