The best way to relax in the summer is to go to camp

The best way to relax in the summer is to go to camp

The long-awaited summer is coming. How can you spend it with benefit, have a good rest and at the same time not lose the skills acquired at school? Today there are many types of recreation with the maximum efficiency. Moreover, you can find a place for a summer vacation, which will serve in the acquisition of new knowledge, skills and abilities. And it is important that this place is reliable, safe and comfortable. Perhaps this is the formula for the ideal camp.

And it exists. Welcome to the best summer camp in the United Kingdom! At your service are developing classes, work with intelligence, the development of creativity, independence and organizational qualities. And, of course, English, as the main subject of the camp, is studied according to the most effective method to date – through an informal game form.

What is the “United Kingdom” and what is it eaten with

Our camp is located in a picturesque ecologically clean place, not far from the Moscow Ring Road. Here are waiting for you:

balanced five meals a day according to the “all inclusive” buffet system, round-the-clock access to drinking purified water;
round-the-clock guarded fenced boarding house “Lesnoy Gorodok”;
landscaped area with an indoor pool, playgrounds, billiards, table tennis and a dance club;
rooms for 2-3 persons with all conveniences and daily service;
experienced, professional and dedicated staff.

The camp’s leadership and ideological inspirers set for themselves the goal of creating the ideal atmosphere for a happy and rewarding holiday for the most precious thing we have – our children. Therefore, trusting your child to us, you will be confident in his psychological and physical comfort – thanks to individual development, we will select the type of leisure that will be optimal for a specific character and temperament.

Hurry up to take your Legada

Getting into our camp, the child plunges into the magical world of Lords and Ladies (counselors), who will teach their wards to live in Orders (units), participate in Legad ceremonies (races), and introduce the Queen. And at the end of the Legada, the participants will choose their Prince and Princess from among the guys.

Also, they will have a rich program and a whole range of events, master classes, active games and exciting activities, which are developed by experienced teachers. Throughout the shift, children will learn a show program with elements of the English language and at the end of the race they will show their parents a performance.

Our camp is a great opportunity to introduce the younger generation to the beautiful and give children the emotions and impressions that they will carry with them throughout their lives. Give the children Summer.