The Buddha’s Key Lessons: 10 Principles That Will Change Your Life

The name of Buddha can be translated as “awakened”. It is this – awakening, enlightenment – and carry the principles of Buddhism. Throw away stereotypes and get acquainted with the main lessons of the legendary monk. You will see, they will change your life!

The Supreme Buddha, aka Siddhartha Gautama, was a well-known spiritual mentor in India. The principles that he himself followed and taught others are still valid today. Simple life lessons will help you to improve your life. What did Buddha advise?

  1. Start small

Every professional was once a beginner. Knowledge and skills are accumulated gradually, one drop at a time. So it is not bad to start with small steps. On the contrary, it is the most correct approach. You will not be able to learn everything at once anyway. But if you go consistently towards the goal, you will definitely succeed. Be ready to work hard and be patient.

  1. Think in a positive way

It is consciousness that defines who we are, asserts Buddhism. Thoughts have the property to materialize. And if you constantly think about the bad, you will attract the negative. And vice versa – positive thoughts will help to surround yourself with the good. Therefore, change your mind. Learn to think about the good, act with honest intentions and not to dwell on the bad. Gradually, you will notice how your reality changes after your thoughts.

  1. Farewell to

Do not accumulate anger. It looks like hot coal: grabbing it to throw at others, you burn yourself. The ability to forgive will rid you of the “burns,” said the monk. As long as you accumulate resentment in yourself, you will never be happy and completely free. To be free and move on, you need to let go of the past, find the strength to forgive even the most avowed enemies.

  1. Go to

Buddha often repeated that he did not believe that fate could somehow affect a person who was constantly acting. But if he does not act, fate will surely catch up with him. For there to be progress in life, you must somehow influence it yourself. Only by making an effort every day, you can really change something.

  1. Understand others

Instead of constantly proving yourself right, try to come to an agreement. The spiritual teacher said: first, try to understand others, then explain your position. It is very important to consider another person’s point of view, even if it is fundamentally different from yours. If you listen to your opponent, try to take his place and understand his motives, it will be easier to reach a compromise.

  1. Conquer yourself

One victory over yourself is worth hundreds of victories over the enemies. When you conquer yourself and control your thoughts and actions, no one around you can take away your confidence and take control of you. Do not give in to random thoughts that, like the birds fly by, teaches Buddhism. In the end, only you decide whether any of them will nest in your head.

  1. Look for harmony inside

To be happy and live in harmony, you don’t need any material goods, other people, or serious changes in life. Everything you need for happiness is already inside you. Learn to live in harmony with yourself. Look for what you can’t find outside in yourself. Only in this way you can come to a real peace of mind.

  1. Appreciate what you have

Whatever happens in your life, you can always find something good. Even if you have faced real difficulties, but continue to live – this is a reason to be grateful. Do not be pessimistic and look for advantages in any situation. Appreciate even the smallest changes for the better. Thank fate, life or just a chance for them. When your heart is filled with gratitude, you start to feel differently about what is happening.

  1. Use your knowledge

The biggest mistake is not using information. There are things you know for sure. You should rely on them. Sometimes you are not sure what to do in this situation. Then you have to take risks. But, if you are sure of something, do not experiment, do not try it at random. When you follow the prescriptive truth, the probability that something will go wrong is very small. So don’t just memorize new information, but focus on it and apply it in your life.

  1. Enjoy the journey

The Buddha compared life with travel. Every day you can see something interesting, try something new. Do not deprive yourself of this opportunity. Do not put off something that can make you happy today. Enjoy every day.

The great spiritual teacher left a huge legacy. And today his followers are trying to systematize this knowledge and make the most of it.